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. October 14, 2008

SEPTEMBER 26, 2006. Over 750 people have now registered to attend the Travel Distribution Summit and the vast array of FREE seminars which are being held alongside. Attendees are all senior-level travel professionals who control the distribution of billions of dollars worth of products. Meaning that this event is an unrivalled networking opportunity for travel executives from across America to meet, do business and source partners. And you don't need to buy a conference pass to attend any of them! Just register online, turn up in Chicago on 4-5 October and get information you simply cannot get from any other source.

Scroll down to see a full list of people who have registered to attend. Just have a quick look through the list and you'll see that these are the people that you need to be doing business with. As well as assembling over 600 top travel executives in an array of workshops and seminars our online networking center will also help you organize meetings in advance and touch base with those crucial contacts. This online system will be up and running before and after the event so attendees can make initial contact and after the event to catch-up with the people they missed.

Attendees will be able to hear from high-profile industry associations such as ATME, ASTA, HTNG, The Open Travel Alliance, The Frequent Travel Marketing Association, SEMPO as well as independent industry analysts. Plus, leading technology providers will be showcasing their latest products and solutions; allowing you to make informed purchasing decisions for your business.

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