Maclean Events Launches SPATEC

. October 14, 2008

SEPTEMBER 28, 2006. Mclean Events has announced that the inaugural spa-based forum SPATEC UK and Europe will take place in Malta on 25-28 April 2007.

SPATEC aims to bring together more than 50 of the UK and Europe's most prominent spa, wellness and beauty operators alongside leading spa suppliers to facilitate one-to-one meetings over the course of two days.

The formula from other Mclean Events forums - such as SIBEC - will remain the same for SPATEC, while delegates will also have the opportunity to attend presentations from key speakers within the spa and beauty industry during the course of the event.

Confirmed attendees include Raison D'Etre, Celtic Manor, The Hurlingham Clinic and Spa (Medi Spa), Thalgo, Marriott, The Old Course and Danubius.

Gillie Turner from The Hurlingham Clinic said: "SPATEC is a great opportunity to meet with all the people we want to see in one place. Currently, we don't have a forum like this for the spa sector. I'd love to be able to discuss the way the market moves with other like-minded operators. A relaxed environment provides an ideal way to learn and create new business opportunities." Details:

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