Sustainability has become integral to the hospitality experience, influenced by environmentally conscious guests whose preferences shape hotel operations and strategies. Implementing sustainable best practices involves reducing carbon footprints, investing in renewable energy, and engaging with local communities. Sustainable initiatives not only attract eco-conscious guests but also lead to long-term cost savings and compliance with regulations. READ MORE

In Cemex Construction Materials Pacific, LLC, 372 NLRB No. 130 (2023), the National Labor Relations Board (the NLRB or the Board) materially changed how unions organize in the United States. This article will assess how the organizing playing field has changed for unions and employers, including in the hospitality industry and why it is likely the most consequential decision from the NLRB in at least 50 years. READ MORE

Gaining insights from attending travel and hospitality conferences around the world, this article's author delves into the latest innovations, business development opportunities, and challenges in the Generative Artificial Intelligence space, particularly in the travel and hospitality industry. This article offers a new take on personalization and how we can prepare for the complex road ahead. READ MORE

Retaliation claims are some of the most common claims brought against employers before governmental agencies and in the civil court system. This article illustrates how employers can best protect against these claims. It will cover what "retaliation" is under the law, the limited protection "at-will" employment provides, and the importance of having legitimate, non-retaliatory, and well-documented reasons for adverse actions, including termination. READ MORE

Designing a diverse portfolio of hotels presents a number of unique challenges but also offers the opportunity to approach each project with foundational principles of smart sustainability, smart design and smart teams. Whether it be a renovation or new build project, a select service hotel or luxury resort, a branded property or independent boutique hotel, using these foundational principles as a guide will always yield the best results. READ MORE


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Mariam  Roberson

Can a posh estate be turned into one of Belize's most talked-about eco-resorts? Easily, say the owners of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel whose immodest mission, creating a place to sojourn that had no ecological equal, came to fruition. What separates this property from the ordinary? Iguanas. Impeccable personal service. And a commitment to Mother Earth that impresses even the most seasoned traveler. READ MORE

Fred Realbuto

The green hospitality revolution is upon us. Resort and hotel customers now expect owners and operators to do everything they can to make their properties as energy efficient as possible, to save water and minimize waste, all while maximizing the guest experience. Here's how Audubon International's Green Lodging and Green Hospitality programs help hotels strike that vital balance. READ MORE

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