The Wired Hotel: Bullet Proofing Your Web Site

By Jerry Tarasofsky CEO, iPerceptions Inc. | January 27, 2012

If you are under the impression that once your web site is up and running that most of the hard work has been completed, you have made a very serious mistake. Your web site is probably one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools you have and as such I suggest you view it as you would any other asset or investment and use it to its maximum potential.

This feature examines how, over the long term, you insure that your web site remains fresh and interesting and that visitors continue to have a positive and rewarding experience at your site.

If you have gone to the expense of hiring a web development team and in-house web-marketing people, it just makes solid business sense to properly manage and maintain your site. And to do that, you need to make periodic assessments of its performance, content, look and tone in order to keep it fresh and interesting. And of utmost importance, you have to continuously make sure the site is meeting the wants and needs of your web site visitors

Keeping your site fresh is really the challenge of managing change, so take a good look at every page on your site and determine which of the many pages are likely to change, when, and how often. Then create a schedule to insure those pages are reviewed regularly.

Although this analogy might not be right for everyone, imagine your site as a newspaper or a magazine. Would you want to read yesterdays paper over and over or read a previous month's issue of your favorite magazine again and again? My guess is no. You would very quickly get bored with the same old content and you'd look for publications that were more current and up to date - ones that provided you with constantly changing content. The same principle applies to your web site visitors! If your site becomes stale, visitors will stop coming - plain and simple.

So where do you start? Take my word for it. Your web site will not remain fresh and up to date on its own. Make no changes and you run the risk of developing "Stale Site Syndrome" a deadly ailment that is sure to impact visitor satisfaction and potentially damage your traditional brand image. The formalized program I spoke of earlier is probably your best option to insure you continuously update the content and tools on your site.

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