Tips and Tactics to Attract and Retain Great Hospitality Talent

By Brenda McGregor Director of HR, Chesapeake Hospitaliy | November 19, 2017

It might seem self-evident, but you need to have talent to get talent: strong recruiting efforts start with a skilled recruiting expert. An experienced professional with a strong background in recruiting can introduce your company to new ideas, design, deliver and oversee new recruiting and training programs, and help shift your company’s recruiting mindset to help you understand what you need to do to consistently attract and retain top talent.

The right professional in this position will not only bring an entirely new level of recruiting expertise (with new programs, initiatives, priorities and practices), but will apply expertise both at the corporate level and at each of your individual properties, as well.


The first step in recruiting is to make sure you know what you are selling. Do you have clarity around a strong and appealing brand, and do you have consistent language to express what your brand and company culture mean? If you can’t articulate who you are, why would top candidates want to come and work for you? You can’t fake it; your employees must feel it and live it.

Here at Chesapeake, for example, we invite prospective employees to “Experience What’s Possible.” We want them to clearly identify us as a place they feel they have opportunities to grow. We emphasize the “Chesapeake Way” in everything we do, distilling our philosophy down into four pillars:

1. A culture of integrity: treating each employee with fairness and respect
2. Practicing an entrepreneurial management style: providing clear
opportunities for advancement
3. The pursuit of excellence: emphasizing results and accountability
4. Giving back to the community

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Food & Beverage: Millennials Rule

The Millennial Generation has surpassed the Baby Boomers to become the largest living generation in America, and their tastes and preferences are being reflected in the Food & Beverage industry. In general, Millennials insist on more natural, healthier, less-processed food and beverage sources, and in part, this inspired the farm-to-table movement. However, now the trend is becoming even more pronounced and hyper-local. Millennials no longer simply want to know their food is farm-to-table, they want to know which farm, and where it's located relative to the community. As a result, hotel F&B directors are redesigning entire menus to feature area brewers, wineries, and family farms. Not only is this a proven way to satisfy Millennial tastes but it also opens the door for hotel guests to enjoy immersive experiences such as tours and excursions to local farms and breweries. Also, thanks in no small part to Millennials, coffee consumption is at an all-time high. In response, F&B directors are creating innovative ways to enhance the coffee experience for guests. Nitro-brewed coffee, cold brew, lattes on draft, and the introduction of unique milk options are part of this trend, as are locally sourced coffee beans where available. Millennial influences can also be found in the Craft and Artisan Cocktail movement where the same preferences for locally sourced and high-quality ingredients apply. One leading hotel even offers a drink menu featuring liquors infused with herbs recommended by experts for their health and well-being benefits. The August issue of the Hotel Business Review will document the trends and challenges in the food and beverage sector, and report on what some leading hotels are doing to enhance this area of their business.