Plans for Exclusive Boutique Hotel in Kuwait City Take Shape

Renowned project for the German hotel development group Feuring

. October 14, 2008

KUWAIT CITY, July 22, 2005. Plans for an exclusive boutique hotel in the best location of Kuwait city on the northern end of the Arabian Gulf assume shape. The 127-room house with 18 floors is a renowned project of the hotel development group Feuring from Mainz. Contractor is a Kuwaiti investment company. Feuring "Visionary Hotel Development" was assigned to create a house with multifunctional rooms and facilities directed towards business travellers. The highlights are rooms, which can be used as guest rooms on one hand and on the other as meeting facilities. The design of the boutique hotel was developed by the renowned architectural practise Broadway Malyan. The faade of the conspicuous hotel tower will adapt the ocean theme and reflect it in form of corals. All in all the architecture of the boutique hotel reflects modern Arabia and takes on contemporary Arabian stylistic elements.

The house is positioned on the regional market as a design hotel with exclusive service. The elitist meeting area will feature a library and fastidious gastronomy. The boutique hotel is centrally located at Gulf Street, the most occupied road in Kuwait city.

The project is currently in its draft phase. Start of construction will be in the first half of 2006. Opening is to be expected in 2008. The hotel concept is based on a funded market analysis, which was issued by Feuring Hotelconsulting. It is the goal to realise a lucrative hotel project, which is in line with the market.

The boutique hotel in Kuwait city is not Feuring?s first project in the Middle East. Currently, they are pursuing several plans in Arabic countries like the Arabian Emirates or Lebanon. So far, Feuring Group attracted attention in this region with a groundbreaking survey about the tourism, hotel and real estate market in Dubai. This work was done by Feuring consultant, Dr. Peter van de Bunt, who used to live in that area for ten years and is assigned with the expansion of Feuring in the Middle East.

Kuwait city is the capital of Kuwait, which only counts 2.4 million inhabitants. Main products are mineral oil, natural gas as well as an increasing services sector. Among other things, Kuwait is a member of OPEC, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Kuwait city?s economy has been booming since the downfall of the Saddam regime and for international businesses the city is developing into the steppingstone for new business activities in the ?new? Iraq.

Among other things, in the German-language countries, Feuring "Visionary Hotel" development is known for the successful consultation and development of Le Meridien hotels in Hamburg, Munich and Vienna. Further current projects include the development of Steigenberger Grand Hotel de Saxe in Dresden and a four-star-hotel at a first class location at Dsseldorf harbour.

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