D.C.’s Kimpton Rouge Hotel to Undergo $20 Million Renovation and Rebranding Set to Debut in Fall 2020

USA, Washington, D.C. February 13, 2020

Kemmons Wilson Companies (KWC) today announced the Kimpton Rouge Hotel will close on January 17 through fall 2020 as it undergoes a major $20+ million remodel and reposition, which will further enhance the yet-to-be-renamed boutique lifestyle hotel. The significant update follows the acquisition of the property by Kemmons Wilson Hospitality Partners (KWHP), the hotel division of KWC, and Valor Hospitality Partners (VHP), partner and manager for Kimpton Rouge Hotel, in September 2019.

After its complete makeover, the hotel will increase its room keys (bringing the total from 137 to 144). The fully refurbished rooms, which will include new carpet, wall coverings, furniture, lighting and complete bathroom remodel, will provide a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. The property will also debut a unique chef-driven restaurant, landscaped patio area, meeting spaces and an elegant rooftop bar with both interior and exterior areas — meaning guests can enjoy spectacular rooftop views year round.

The hotel, which originally opened 18 years ago and is one of the city's first Kimpton properties, is known for its approach to boutique hospitality, the unparalleled guest experience it delivers, chic cocktail bar and stunning views of The White House and The Washington Monument. Located between Dupont Circle and Logan Circle, it is just blocks from many of the country's most popular landmarks, monuments and attractions.

"Dupont Circle is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., and the changes we are making to the property will reflect both the Kimpton brand and the lively area," said Raeshawna Scott, general manager of the Kimpton Rouge Hotel. "We believe the investment we are making now will continue to elevate Dupont Circle and delight our guests for years to come, and we look forward to unveiling the changes to this popular escape in our nation's capital when we reopen later this year."

KWHP and Valor are collaborating with interior designers from: Mason Studio, the same group that led the design for the Kimpton Saint George in Toronto; BBGM, a Washington D.C.-based architecture firm that specializes in hotel design; and First Finish, a full-service hotel and hospitality general contractor, to further elevate the property that has become a hub for local politicos, artists and tourists.

Valor is one of the first hotel management groups to oversee a Kimpton franchise, as Kimpton only recently began utilizing third-party management companies.

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