GettinLocal Launches First Contactless In-Destination Platform for Hotels That Drives Direct Consumer to Brand Engagement and Enhances Guest Experience

The New Digital App Provides Guests With Dynamic Hyperlocal Discovery by Utilizing Geo-Fence Technology and is an On-Demand E-Concierge for Hotels.

USA, Westbury, New York. March 08, 2021

Hotels seeking new ways to improve the guest experience while amplifying brand engagement will benefit from the innovative new Hotel Partner Program from GettinLocal. GettinLocal is the first contactless in-destination platform featuring novel technology that is disrupting the OTA space and transforming how hotels engage with guests. Both iOS and Android compatible, it allows hotel guests to explore, discover and book activities, amenities and services inside the hotel and locally.

The smart platform changes information as the guests move to different locations by using its geo-fence technology. By changing offerings in real-time, guests can discover and book different local activities on the move. For the hotel, the new platform is a contactless E-Concierge and revenue driver with multiple unique benefits.

"GettinLocal provides hotels with massive opportunity in many categories with its first-of-kind features," said Liz Gilbert, SVP, Revenue & Partnerships at GettinLocal. "Our cloud-based and geo-fence technologies give hotels a new way to customize their communications with guests, while creating direct revenue opportunities. The platform is highly efficient, fully automated, and easy to navigate, all while providing guests with unprecedented hyper-local discovery that is dynamic and completely on-demand. GettinLocal is the most relevant discovery and booking platform available in hotel and travel technology."

To get started, a guest downloads, for free, the GettinLocal app at a hotel property by scanning its QR code on display. This instantly enrolls the guest to the hotel's online loyalty dashboard, resulting in the guest receiving a scheduled push alert message. The hotel can pre-program scheduled push alerts ranging from 30 minutes up to 24 hours. Guests are routed to a designated landing page that asks them to join a Loyalty Program or visit the restaurant, spa or other location on hotel property.

Hotel guests can immediately start enjoying GettinLocal. It connects them to local attractions, shopping, activities, cultural locations, walking/biking tours, restaurants, and much more - all from one app. The multiple message features also allow the hotel to connect with guests at a future date to entice guests to come back and book directly with the hotel or brand. GettinLocal provides its hotel partners with several revenue-boosting benefits, including:

  • Contactless, pandemic-safe E-Concierge: In addition to providing guests with a comprehensive local guide, GettinLocal will greatly reduce the front-line staff's time, freeing them up to focus on more important hotel duties.
  • Direct Bookings: Push alert messaging promotes direct bookings with guests who booked with a third party by marketing the hotel's loyalty platform.
  • Real-time Data and Analytics: The hotel can track and measure ROI on its dashboard in real-time.
  • Create Custom Digital Ads: Hotels can easily create mobile-friendly digital display ads in minutes for any activity, event, attraction and more.
  • Reduce Acquisition Costs: Hotel maintains 100% of the revenue and owns its consumer data from using GettinLocal.
  • Compatible Integration: GettinLocal is cloud-based and compatible with all online booking systems and retail point of sale applications.

To learn more visit or email info (at) or call 877-852-1171.

GettinLocal allows hotels to send automated push alerts, track and monitor real-time data and analytics, create custom mobile ads, engage directly with guests, drive direct bookings and more.
The new digital app provides guests with dynamic hyperlocal discovery by utilizing geo-fence technology and is an on-demand E-Concierge for hotels.

About GettinLocal

Media Contact:

Ria Romano
Director of PR
T: +1 786-290-6413

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