Stoney Creek Hospitality Partners With IDeaS for Automated Efficiency Across 14-Property Portfolio

Midwest-Based Hotel Group Prioritizes Automated Revenue Management in Its Digital Transformation, Selects IDeaS G3 RMS to Increase Profitability

USA, Minneapolis, Minnesota. March 10, 2021

IDeaS, a SAS company, the world's leading provider of hotel revenue management software and services, announced today it will implement IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) at Stoney Creek Hospitality's 14-property portfolio across five Midwestern states.

Seeking to overhaul manual operations with advanced automation, Stoney Creek's leadership team launched a digital transformation initiative in 2020. Placing critical importance on the RMS's role in the hotel tech stack, Stoney Creek selected IDeaS for precision forecasting, agile room-type pricing, and automated decisions.

  • Flexibility and support - Stoney Creek Hospitality appreciates IDeaS' flexibility through the buying and implementation processes, with IDeaS team members establishing a lasting relationship of 24/7/365 availability and proactive support.
  • A sustainable culture of revenue management - IDeaS will help Stoney Creek bring greater revenue management knowledge and capabilities to hotel executives and property-level leaders, enhancing skills and building confidence in decision-making across the organization.
  • Group pricing optimization - With significant conference space and event business, Stoney Creek will look to IDeaS G3 RMS's advanced group pricing features to maximize big-group revenue as demand returns.

Mark Creger, vice president of revenue management, Stoney Creek Hospitality, said: "Manually managing rates across 14 properties, each with a dozen or more room types, was extremely time consuming, so automation was key for us. During this pandemic, we've worked hard to maintain and grow market share, and we knew now was the time to implement an automated RMS. When demand eventually returns, we know IDeaS will give us the competitive edge we need and empower our individual hotel leaders to become revenue-enhancing decision-makers."

Matt Dreon, chief information officer, Stoney Creek Hospitality, said: "An RMS was always at the top of our digital transformation wish list. Once you have an RMS in place, you can capture more value regardless of demand, improving efficiency for all subsequent bookings. IDeaS appealed to us as a truly team-oriented tool to expand our entire company's revenue management culture, and we saw more flexibility with G3 RMS in terms of the level of automation we wanted. It's been a smooth process, and IDeaS has been very easy to work with along the way."

Garth Peterson, area vice president, Americas, IDeaS, said: "We have been privileged to work closely with Stoney Creek as they transition their properties to function with greater efficiencies provided by automated, machine-learning technology. IDeaS G3 RMS will not only allow them to maximize revenue but will enable their operational teams to ditch the spreadsheets and do more with less, putting them in a strong, leading position coming out of this pandemic."

About Stoney Creek Hospitality

Four brands, five states, 14 extraordinary hotels-Stoney Creek Hospitality understands it takes more than amenities to make a great experience. With a unique design of local flair mixed with a cozy atmosphere, guests enjoy Stoney Creek's commitment to combining upscale amenities with industry-leading service, ensuring enjoyable and memorable stays-unlike the rest!

Stoney Creek Hospitality Partners
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