Award-Winning RWS Entertainment Group Launches New Hospitality Staffing Solution for Theme Parks, Hotels and Resorts

"RWS Staffing" Puts Staffing on Stage With Theatrically-Trained Employees for Front of House Roles

USA, Long Island City, New York. April 08, 2021

RWS Entertainment Group, a New York-based full-service production company and a leader for branded experiences worldwide, today announced the launch of RWS Staffing, a turn-key staffing solution for theme parks and resorts. This innovative service supports the extensive live entertainment and full-scale productions RWS is known for, assisting clients with a very real need to fill seasonal operations and guest service positions.

"Seasonal staffing has always been a challenge for theme parks and resorts," said Ryan Stana, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RWS Entertainment Group. "For decades the hospitality industry has supplemented their local workforce with international students participating in study abroad programs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability of those programs has dramatically decreased leaving theme parks and resorts with a tremendous staffing challenge."

In the summer of 2020, RWS reacted quickly to fill the need of several long-time clients by matching them with ambitious performers eager to put their theatrical training to work in a new environment. This pilot program, which included extensive safety and health training for employees, turned out to be a successful combination, providing an incredible guest experience for visitors and filling a critical need for RWS clients.

"We know we can always count on RWS to create great memories for our guests; now, with their staffing program, we are able to bring our guest's experiences to another level," says Laura Charles, General Manager of The Cartoon Network Hotel and Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park. "Their excellent team brought an attention to detail and level of professionalism that are key in creating our world class themed entertainment experiences. And, their dedication does not go unnoticed - RWS staffers are often the subject of guest compliments."

"In 2020, RWS Staffing brought not only the same level of professionalism we had come to expect from their performers, but they truly elevated the guest experience throughout the park," said Eric Dziedzic, General Manager of Story Land, which is part of Palace Entertainment. "In a year of so many unknowns, their energy and excitement to aid in the creation of lifelong memories for our visitors will forever leave a mark on us and our guests,"

After the successful pilot program in 2020, and as the need for seasonal employees continues to grow, RWS is expanding the program and opening its services to hospitality businesses across the country.

RWS Staffing is equipped to help theme parks and resorts fill open guest relations, front desk, operations, food service, retail, and entertainment roles with aspiring and seasoned entertainers looking for opportunities to expand their experience. RWS staffers are trained to create

moments of surprise and delight, delivering spontaneous or planned performances that elevate the overall entertainment experience for guests.

"Together with our clients and cast members, we've raised the guest experience by placing animated, motivated, performance-driven professionals in positions that boost both service and showmanship," added Stana. "Clients tracked a direct increase in guest satisfaction and cast members had the experience of a lifetime."

RWS staffer Samuel Spare, who traveled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and the Cartoon Network Hotel as part of the pilot program in 2020 said, "An experience like no other. Every day it was something new, and like a re-block on stage, you had to constantly think on your feet. An experience I won't soon forget with lasting friendships made. Definitely worth it!"

Hotels, theme parks and resorts can learn more at or contact Kevin Kreczko, Senior Director of Business Development at [email protected].

Those seeking hospitality roles with RWS Staffing should email [email protected].

Experience Applause All Day with RWS Staffing.

RWS Staffing Solutions delights theme park guests.
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