World Amenities Moves Manufacturing to North America to Better Serve the Hospitality Industry

USA, San Diego, California. April 20, 2021

World Amenities, Inc., a trusted global supplier of signature skincare brands and custom amenities, is pleased to announce today, it has moved the majority of its product and product packaging to North America.

Based on demand for shorter lead times for its products, World Amenities management decided to evaluate the benefits of relocating its manufacturing. Over the last two years, owner and managing director Paul Hodge and his team met and negotiated with prospective production facilities. They found moving manufacturing to North America serves all parties' interests - World Amenities, its customers, product end-users, and vendors.

The benefits of relocating manufacturing operations to North America include:

  • Eliminating tariffs on overseas shipments.
  • Offering flexibility in all areas of production.
  • Providing shorter manufacturing lead times.
  • Offering easy customization with the lowest MOQs in the industry.
  • Delivering higher quality control with World Amenities corporate headquarters nearby.
  • With current manufacturing testing in process, all products will be at least 80% recycled ocean plastic soon.

"The ‘Made in North America' bottom line looks great for all concerned. We are in a perfect position to deliver even better outcomes and service to our clients with this move," said Paul Hodge, World Amenities, Inc. Owner and Managing Director. "Relocating streamlines our logistics. It solves the challenges of the overall process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported along the supply chain to destination. Now a hotel will not have to order additional amenities in December for the holidays the following July. As we move into our next phase of addressing hospitality trends - incorporating recycled ocean plastic -- we are committed to satisfying guests' needs by providing a value proposition that exceeds their expectations."

As World Amenities continues to accelerate its growth, leadership plans to continue to focus on its market strategy and product direction while maintaining the excellent quality of product and customer service support clients have come to expect.

World Amenities has moved the majority of its product and product packaging to North America.
WA is licensed manufacturer of Bodyography® Collection skincare brand. Renowned in 72 countries, 60,000 salons, Macy’s, Costco, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Birch Box.
WA is licensed manufacturer of Blind Barber. Infused with Rooibos Tea and a unique fragrance combination of Wild Lemongrass & Coconut Oil.
During COVID-19, World Amenities diversified its manufacturing and distribution to include essential PPE -- beCLEAN Sanitizing Wipes & Gels.
World Amenities Magnetix Dispensers are ecological, clean convenience, contemporary designed dispensers featuring 100% recyclable material.
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About World Amenities, Inc.

Media Contact:

Paul Hodge
Owner Managing Director
World Amenities, Inc.
T: +1 323-681-4053
E: [email protected]

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