Quore Checks-In 5,000 Hotels and Upgrades Cleanings Plus

New Housekeeping Credit Feature Supports Hotel Industry as it Bounces Back from Covid

USA, Franklin, Tennessee. March 17, 2022

Franklin, Tenn. - (March 16, 2022) - Quore, the leading provider of workflow management and productivity tools for hotels, today introduced new features to its Cleanings Plus application as the company reaches a milestone of serving 5,000 hotels. The expanded application includes new functionality that will help executive housekeepers balance workloads and staffing needs more accurately, drive efficiency into hotel operations and create a better guest experience as the hospitality industry begins to bounce back from pandemic lows.

"As the hospitality industry gets back on its feet, Quore is expanding support for our customers to create more efficiency," said Scott Schaedle, Founder and CEO of Quore. "Our goal has always been to provide innovation that inspires others to deliver the best guest service possible. It's gotten us here to 5,000 hotels and the improvements we are driving into Cleanings Plus will continue to provide our customers more supportive resources and options so they can assemble the best team to service their guests."

The hospitality industry was deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The American Hotel & Lodging Association reported that in 2020, hotel room revenue fell by nearly 50% across the U.S. and it is projected to take 15 quarters to recover, which is Q1 2024. Quore remained committed to its customers, offering specialized programs and support to help customers navigate business operations in a time of crisis. Quore retained 80% of its customers in 2020 and it experienced 34% year-over-year customer growth from 2020 to 2021. The new Cleanings Plus features will enable its growing customer base to drive more efficiency into daily processes, continue to grow business and create better experiences for hotel guests.

Quore's Cleanings Plus application uses real-time, cloud-based technology that automates notifications and tracks cleaning performance. Until now, cleaning progress has been tracked by the time it takes to complete a room cleaning. Quore's new features provide users with a second option to track progress in credits-units that are weighted by room size and cleaning type, such as stayover, deep clean, etc. This enhancement enables executive housekeepers to create a more accurate and customizable measurement for housekeeping efficiency, determine staffing needs and equally distribute workloads.

"Quore has allowed our properties to push efficiency even further throughout our entire team," said Dev Patel, Co-Founder at Mission Hospitality. "Each property is unique in its staffing and service model, but Quore enabled us to streamline operations throughout our portfolio by allowing fluid communication amongst the front desk, engineering and housekeeping team. The housekeeping team is able to communicate to the front desk when a room is guest-ready and engineering is notified when a work order needs to be completed in real time, allowing property-wide communication without using cell phones or walkie-talkies. Cleanings Plus is highly customizable and has thorough reporting that helps visualize productivity and how that translates to our guests' experience. The new capabilities better support the way we operate today and support growth in real-time."

"We're incredibly proud to have reached this milestone and simultaneously be in a position to deliver product improvements for our customers," said Richard Bradbury, Vice President of Product at Quore. "This new functionality empowers our customers to add a deeper layer of quality optimization that will lead to better time management across every level of housekeeping operations and create better guest experiences as these hotels start to reach capacity once again."

Beyond the option to use credits as a unit of measure, Cleanings Plus now also features new reports, including Productivity Report By Credits Assigned, Minutes Per Occupied Room (MPOR) Variance By Room Type, Cleaning Times By Room Type, Minutes Variance By Room Type, and an automated End of Breakout Report generated and emailed to the property's general manager, assistant manager, operations manager and executive housekeeper at the end of each breakout.

To learn more about the expanded Cleanings Plus features, visit https://www.quore.com/products/cleanings-plus/.

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