Delta Hotels by Marriott Santa Clara Silicon Valley Celebrates 30-Years of Ownership and Management

USA, Santa Clara, California. June 22, 2022

Delta Hotels by Marriott Santa Clara Silicon Valley, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, celebrates 30 years of ownership by Kang Family Partners, LLC and management by Harrell Hospitality Group, LLC. Originally purchased in 1992 as a Biltmore hotel, the ownership and management are proud of the property's three-decade evolution under their leadership.

"Harrell Hospitality Group is proud to have partnered with Kang Family Partners over the last 30 years and looks forward to continued success together," said Paul Barham, CEO of Harrell Hospitality Group. "This has been a long lasting relationship with a great owner and hotel."

The 263-room, pet friendly hotel has close proximity to Santa Clara Convention Center, Levi Stadium, and many major high-tech companies, making it a premier destination for business and leisure travel. Additionally, the property is three miles from Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), making it an ideal destination to fly in and enjoy day trips to other Bay Area destinations such as Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Napa Valley. Under the 30-year-long ownership and management, the property has experienced many positive changes, including a complete renovation and redesign by Delta Hotels by Marriott in 2021.

Since Kang Family Partners, LLC established it in 1992, the hotel has been a staple in the Santa Clara community. Through supplying jobs to community members, attracting tourism and travel, partnering with major organizations, and being the establishment of choice for events and celebrations, the Delta Hotels by Marriott Santa Clara Silicon Valley has prominence in Santa Clara.

Due to the local community being an important partner with the Delta Hotels by Marriott Santa Clara Silicon Valley for the last three-decades, ownership and management of the hotel are coordinating community service projects. In addition to volunteering and donating to a local food pantry, they will also distribute care packages to community members in need.

For more information about the Delta Hotels by Marriott Santa Clara Silicon Valley, please visit

Delta Hotels by Marriott Santa Clara Silicon Valley

About Harrell Hospitality Group, LLC

Business Contact:

Kellie McCrory
MCA Group
T: +1 214-654-0402
E: [email protected]

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