Robots Have Landed in Charleston, South Carolina

The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina is The First Resort in South Carolina to Employ New Relay+ Robot to Enhance The Guest Experience

USA, Charleston, South Carolina. August 11, 2022

The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina is the first property in South Carolina to employ Relay Robotic 's Relay+ model. The first robot was deployed in June at The Beach Club and will soon be joined by another Relay robot assigned to its sister property, Harborside.

The petite, three foot tall robots will surely provide a surprise-and-delight moment for guests, mingling in common areas and serving as a great interactive moment for kids. Forgotten sundries, bottled water, and other necessities can be delivered straight to the guests' room from the robot, who rings the doorbell and opens a holding chamber for guests to reach in and retrieve their items. The Relay+ robots feature one large compartment to carry guest essentials, and they will be able to both call and operate elevators autonomously. The new robots only need to be trained once to move around the property thanks to Relay's obstacle-avoidant and self-recharging technology.

"We are proud to step out of the box and into the future with this new technology," said Oliver Rooskens, Managing Director of The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina. "Embracing a new way of working in hospitality allows our team to focus even more on providing personalized service. We have enjoyed watching guests and their families interacting with the robots and are looking forward to seeing the positive impact they have on our guest experience."

"We're excited to work with Oliver and his team at The Beach Club to provide guests an unforgettable experience interacting with these lovable robots," said Michael O'Donnell, Chairman & CEO of Relay Robotics, Inc.

With travel demand at its highest since the pandemic, Relay Robots allow staff to focus on high-value tasks, ultimately improving the guest experience. The touch-free experience also adds a layer of comfort for those emerging for vacation for the first time since COVID-19.

The property will be crowdsourcing names and a uniform via their social media channels to make the robots part of the team. Follow along HERE.


Relay Robotics, Inc. is a leading supplier of simple, sophisticated, autonomous service robots that work with humans safely, securely, reliably, and contact-free. Relay Robotics and its affiliates have been technology leaders in robotics since 2013 and hold 10 U.S. patents. Relay's robots supplement staff across hospitality, healthcare, and commercial real estate settings. They have completed more than 1,000,000 deliveries worldwide.

For more information about Relay Robotics, Inc., visit

The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina is the first property in South Carolina to employ Relay Robotic's Relay+ model.
The Beach Club is a one-of-a-kind waterfront hotel in Charleston offering 92 guestrooms and all the luxury amenities you need for a relaxing getaway in a lovely coastal setting.
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