IDeaS Supports Women in Travel Thrive Organization

Leading Revenue Management Software Provider Supports Women's Advancement in Hospitality, Technology, and Business Careers Through Its Corporate Women's Initiatives Network

USA, Minneapolis, Minnesota. June 07, 2023

IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the world's leading provider of automated revenue management software and services, announced today its corporate sponsorship of the Women in Travel THRIVE. THRIVE is an organization that propels women closer to equality in travel industry careers by providing a community, a network, and tangible resources designed to support women's empowerment.

In addition to being a corporate sponsor, IDeaS is a silver sponsor of THRIVE's upcoming session on June 26 at HSMAI's Commercial Strategy Week during HITEC. "Unleashing Women's Potential" will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel Centre Toronto on Monday, June 26, at 4:00 p.m. Registration is free for all HSMAI and HITEC attendees. A simultaneous virtual event will also be offered for those unable to attend in person.

To inspire, encourage, and empower women through networking, career development, and community service, IDeaS established a Women's Initiatives Network (WIN) more than four years ago. The group has worked on breaking down information silos and building connections between members across the company. It also promotes a variety of guest speakers and offers members the chance to practice their leadership and presentation skills, as well as volunteer opportunities to make a difference in the community.

Mercedes Blanco, Women in Travel THRIVE board member, and The Hotels Network chief partnership officer, said: "Our mission of fueling growth and development ensures the progression of women in the travel industry. We are thrilled to have IDeaS as a sponsor of our upcoming event and to have them as a corporate sponsor. Organizations such as IDeaS are key to ensuring our movement will continue to grow and ‘Thrive.' We couldn't be more thrilled to work with the team at IDeaS as we head into our first in-person empowerment event."

Jennifer Kirscher, co-founder of IDeaS WIN group and senior communications manager, IDeaS, said: "We believe in helping empower women in the hospitality industry as well as in the technology space. Our team agrees that mentorship is key. We also believe that paying it forward and assisting the next generation of women by continuing to push boundaries across all industries is tantamount to success. We couldn't be more excited to help the THRIVE organization in its efforts. Our decision to become a corporate sponsor is not only an investment in women but also in advancing their roles across our industry."

To register for Unleashing Women's Potential - Women in Travel Thrive @ HSMAI, please visit Learn more about THRIVE at HITEC - Booth #328.

Visit IDeaS at HITEC, Booth #1825 to learn more about the company's recent updates and initiatives.

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