IDeaS’ Award-Winning G3 Revenue Management Software Now Available in Spanish and French

Ongoing Innovations and Investments in IDeaS’ Global Position Result in the Delivery of Native-Language Software and Tools to Increase Client Efficiency and Accuracy

United Kingdom, London, England. September 20, 2023

IDeaS, a SAS company, the world's leading provider of hospitality revenue management software and services, announced today its flagship product, G3 Revenue Management Software (RMS), is now available in Spanish and French. The software is already available in English, German, and Chinese, with Japanese to quickly follow in the future.

Front-desk staff in non-English speaking countries may be fluent in English, but often back-office personnel are not. Whenever possible, IDeaS speaks, operates, and supports hoteliers in their native languages. From sales to implementation to support, IDeaS is focused on the requirements and needs of each property.

In-country staff, help menus, FAQs, support, and educational materials are available to ensure customers can leverage G3 RMS to its fullest capacity, promoting the ongoing productivity and accuracy of hotel revenue managers worldwide.

The company is committed to innovation and ensuring its customers' needs are met regardless of size and extends to global brands, franchisors, independent hotels, resorts, or outdoor/alternative accommodations.

Michael McCartan, area vice president, EMEA, IDeaS, said: "IDeaS' experience working with large and small hoteliers and franchisors worldwide results in their better utilization and understanding of the platform and its functionalities. We provide hoteliers of any size with the most accurate and user-friendly product on the market, and it is through the ongoing commitment to our clients that we can help them enjoy the full potential of their investment."

IDeaS' global position result in the delivery of native-language software and tools to increase client efficiency and accuracy
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