Scent Amenities International Launches Suite Scents(R)

. October 14, 2008

LAKE WORTH, FL, July 25, 2005. Scent Amenities International, Lake Worth, Florida, has recently launched a first of it's kind guest room amenity, Suite Scents(R) Personal Room Air Freshener. Developed by former hospitality industry executives, this innovative, unique and practical product that will enable hoteliers to show their guests...they've thought of everything.

Suite Scents(R) is designed to enhance image and name brand recognition while adding guest comfort and convenience. The pleasant, refreshing custom fragrance will help create the special ambiance desired at each property.

Available in a long-lasting and environmentally friendly, non-aerosol dispenser, this unexpected perk may also be custom colored and private labeled for that personal touch.

Suite Scents(R) will easily compliment any existing guest amenity program. With over 150 individual pre-metered sprays, guests will use, appreciate, and take home Suite Scents(R). No other lodging amenity product can extend advertising and marketing dollars in such a unique and useful way.

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