VSi Adds Hyatt to Airline Boarding Pass Printing Service

BoardEZTM solution also enables guests to make changes

. October 14, 2008

SUNNYVALE, CA, OCTOBER 2, 2006. Vertical Systems Inc., a leading hospitality provider of guest-service technologies, announces an exciting partnership with Hyatt Hotels & Resorts that enables guests at all Hyatt hotels in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean to enjoy free airline boarding pass printing in the hotel lobby within 24 hours of departure. Using VSi's BoardEZTM kiosks, Hyatt's "Fast BoardTM" service is part of a new corporate initiative launched earlier this year to reduce hassles for travelers and increase productivity on the road.

VSi is well known throughout the hospitality industry for its business centers, Internet kiosks, lobby PCs, digital messaging display systems, and in-room PC solutions. The new BoardEZTM airline boarding pass printing system features FreshStartTM software that ensures all user information and usage history is permanently erased, thereby ensuring the guest absolute information security and privacy.

"Using VSi's boarding pass tool allows our guests to better prepare for their travels, and we are delighted to be making that possible," said Rusty Middleton, director of rooms for Hyatt Hotels Corp. "The Fast BoardTM service helps put our guests' minds at ease by keeping flight information at their fingertips and saving them considerable time at the airport. In addition, it helps efficiency at our front desk, concierge stations and business centers."

Feedback from Hyatt properties confirms that harried travelers are flocking to the Fast BoardTM kiosks. In fact, Michelle Feist, MIS manager at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, said she had to add a second terminal due to guest demand.

"Fast BoardTM is so popular with our guests that we now have a countertop unit on either side of the front desk to shorten the lines for boarding pass printing," Feist said. "As a hotel that caters to both conventioneers and leisure guests attracted to our stunning waterfront setting, Fast BoardTM has reduced the lines in our business center and removed frustration tied to airline travel."

This month, the Manchester Grand Hyatt will be adding tracking software from VSi to monitor Fast BoardTM usage and ultimately determine if additional units are needed.

Richard Walter, director of rooms at the Hyatt Regency in Indianapolis, agreed, saying Fast BoardTM is a huge added value to the hotel and a great convenience to guests. "Fast BoardTM has been so successful at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis that we already had to switch from a countertop system to a free-standing kiosk to redirect traffic away from the front desk," Walter said. "Our guests are typically computer savvy, and the new guest service initiatives put in place by Hyatt corporate have really helped to set us apart from our competition. From Fast BoardTM, to E-Concierge (which allows guests to plan their itinerary weeks in advance of their stay), to Web Check-in (which allows guests to check in at Hyatt.com from their home or office, guaranteeing their room of choice will be available upon arrival) and the Hyatt Express Check-in Kiosk, our guests have never been happier."

Providing immediate service, satisfaction

VSi CEO Saeed Kazmi said the success of the BoardEZTM system stems from the fact that today's business and leisure travelers lack two things - time and patience.

"There is a heightened need at hotels for a convenient information center that addresses the immediate or last-minute needs of the busy traveler," Kazmi said. "BoardEZTM is that solution. It enables guests to print airline boarding pass instantly and access relevant travel information, including retrieving flight departure and gate information, making changes to their flight schedules, booking new flights, and making future hotel reservations."

Optional features, such as the ability to display destination weather information, local restaurant guides, and maps and directions from one convenient location, are available. Hotels can either charge their guests for this service or provide it as a free amenity, he said.

"VSi's customized graphical user interface enables guests to conveniently navigate through various features and access and print desired information instantly," Kazmi said. "Using remote management tools, VSi continuously monitors and updates each system in the field. Using a toll-free phone line, we provide comprehensive 24/7 customer support."

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