Inspiring and Engaging Your Team: Five methods to getting the most from your employees

By Caroline Cooper President, Zeal Coaching | December 11, 2011

People are often referred to as a business’s most valued asset and in the hotel industry more than any your team can make or break the customers’ experience. They are certainly also one of your biggest overheads. Are you unwittingly de-motivating them by treating them as just another disposable asset?

Keeping your team inspired and engaged can be challenging. But a demotivated team can lead to poor performance, poor customer service, poor attendance and ultimately to losing not only your best people, but also losing your valued guests.

Here are five ways to get the most from your employees.

1. Set your expectations

People need to know what is expected of them and how this will be measured, so they can keep track of their own performance and know how they are doing, and not be left in any doubt if they are pulling their weight. A lack of direction can be confusing and leads to uncertainty. Lead by example, so there are no mixed messages.
Setting standards and having systems and processes in place gives a framework for consistency. This includes ensuring the same rules apply to everyone and that the rest of your management team are consistent with their expectations.

Focus on telling people what you want to achieve i.e. the end result, rather than dictating how to do it. This gives people flexibility to adopt their own style (you'll be surprised how often they end up improving the process) rather than living in fear of not being able to comply with strict processes. And once you've set your expectations make it possible for your team to reach these by providing the appropriate tools, resources and training to do the job effectively.

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