All Encompassing: Getting Your Entire Property Involved in the Sales Process

By Clifford Ferrara Vice President of Sales & Revenue Management, Chesapeake Hospitality | June 09, 2013

Depending on who you talk to in the hotel industry, the answer to the question of what is the most effective way to drive sales can vary quite a bit. Some hotel owners and operators will focus on the management team, others on staff training, and others on aggressive and effective sales strategies. One management company might insist that great service will yield sales dividends down the road, and another might maintain that effective use of brand resources is essential.

So Who is Right?

The reality is that they are all right: effectively driving strong sales requires getting your entire property involved in the process. The best and most consistently effective hotel management companies recognize that great service and great sales go hand in hand, and that increasing revenue and maintaining a strong performance over time demands a true team effort from every single employee. It does not end with the sales team. In fact, there is a strong case to be made that it does not even begin with the sales team.

Whether you are a new property looking to increase bookings, a renovated property looking to execute a successful turnaround, an underperforming location in need of a management makeover, or an established hotel working to maintain market share, the fundamentals remain the same. The most effective way to increase efficiencies, boost bookings, provide guests with extraordinary service and a memorable experience, and ultimately strengthen sales and maximize your revenue stream is to create a collaborative and cohesive culture of sales that extends throughout the property. Hotel management teams who can successfully do so will establish a positive feedback loop of service, synergy and sales. When every employee—from the GM on down to bellhops, front desk personnel, and even janitorial staff—is focused on sales and understands how their job ties back into the larger sales goals of the hotel, great things can happen.

The real question, of course, is how. How can hotel management professionals leverage a property’s collective resources to take advantage of structural, operational, staffing and service synergies in a way that drives sales and boosts the bottom line? Doing so effectively requires a keen understanding of both the specific strategic and logistical steps involved, as well as an appreciation of some of the fundamental concepts that drive a cohesive and effective all-hands-on-deck sales strategy:

It Starts at the Top

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Sales & Marketing: Opinions Matter

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