Strategies for Hiring and Keeping a Top Rated Concierge Team

By Marjorie Silverman Honorary President, UICH, Les Clefs d'Or | August 09, 2010

In this article we will explore how to find these service specialists, how to keep them motivated and inspired and working to improve your turnover statistics as well as bottom line. We will discuss the techniques for creating loyalty and using their unique skill set to best advantage.

The search for a professional head or chef concierge

I recommend that you begin with the website of Les Clefs d'Or, USA Ltd., the professional association of hotel concierges. You can contact them at They represent 600 professional hotel concierges in 30 states and they link with a network of more than 3000 colleagues in 40 countries. If you have a job opening, it can be posted on the LCD website which is frequently visited by their members. All of these concierges have at least 5 years experience in the industry and they have had to pass extensive written and verbal service skill tests to get their keys. Before you invite one of them for a first interview, they have already been vetted by Les Clefs d'Or.

It has been my experience after more than 25 years in the industry that concierges can successfully move to a new location. Once they have the skill set of providing the service, they can quickly and successfully learn a new city, resort or region. Often there are promising assistant concierges and there is no opportunity for movement in their current hotel giving an incentive to move to a new position. Share your mission statement with them and they can benchmark a new service for you.

Hiring line staff for the concierge desk

All Les Clefs d'Or members are by no means chef concierges and they are perfectly willing to work as staff members. Some hotels have many Clefs d'Or members on staff. A perusal of LCD's most recent membership book identifies 14 LCD members at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, 10 at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City, and 7 at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco.

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Sales & Marketing: Selling Experiences

There are innumerable strategies that Hotel Sales and Marketing Directors employ to find, engage and entice guests to their property, and those strategies are constantly evolving. A breakthrough technology, pioneering platform, or even a simple algorithm update can cause new trends to emerge and upend the best laid plans. Sales and marketing departments must remain agile so they can adapt to the ever changing digital landscape. As an example, the popularity of virtual reality is on the rise, as 360 interactive technologies become more mainstream. Chatbots and artificial intelligence are also poised to become the next big things, as they take guest personalization to a whole new level. But one sales and marketing trend that is currently resulting in major benefits for hotels is experiential marketing - the effort to deliver an experience to potential guests. Mainly this is accomplished through the creative use of video and images, and by utilizing what has become known as User Generated Content. By sharing actual personal content (videos and pictures) from satisfied guests who have experienced the delights of a property, prospective guests can more easily imagine themselves having the same experience. Similarly, Hotel Generated Content is equally important. Hotels are more than beds and effective video presentations can tell a compelling story - a story about what makes the hotel appealing and unique. A video walk-through of rooms is essential, as are video tours in different areas of a hotel. The goal is to highlight what makes the property exceptional, but also to show real people having real fun - an experience that prospective guests can have too. The June Hotel Business Review will report on some of these issues and strategies, and examine how some sales and marketing professionals are integrating them into their operations.