How Everything Fits - As Found in Natural Law

By Michael Koethner Wellness & Healing Consultant, Michael Koethner | May 08, 2016

Ideally, humanity, or at least the one's involved in the health and wellness industry, should by now be aware of the fact that there is much more to the every day grinding than just the mundane existence. The one's who are honestly and genuinely tuned into the yet invisible spheres, plugged in – so to speak, and living deep down in the well of the energy whirl, are very well aware of the huge opportunities that are yet to come, in regard to health, healing, wellness, prosperity and pure bliss. However, it is still a challenge not be distracted by all the useless, artificial distortions, self-centeredness, and chit-chat that drives humanity apart.

Broadly speaking, there is a growing silence and tiredness in all cultures, societies and amongst all people on this planet. A tiredness, in combination with a very strong feeling of repression and regression, on all levels of this earthly existence. People are getting tired of hearing and seeing the same old pattern over and over again, without any visible progress and/or improvement. But most still don't have enough courage to go about it and apply the necessary steps to initiate adequate change that will benefit other generations. However, they are starting to realize that they have been living a prepressed and punished for centuries, a life within a locked cage; just like Caspar Hauser. Part of their life was self-initiated; other parts were enforced upon them, through dogmas and societal pressure to confirm and adapt to some fake and very silly rules. Nowadays, there is a common urge, around the globe, to breakout of this very debilitating, degrading and repressive lifestyle and all life situation that come with it. This internal pressure to free oneself is rising in minute intervals. As soon as the pressure has reached the unbearable pain threshold the balloon will burst, and there are no short cuts to go around it. The initial stages going to be very unpleasant, may be disgusting at times, because the systems must free itself from all limiting behavior and believe patterns.

That is when the true Self will again be in charge for the growth process and the development. That is when the true healing begins. A very powerful movement that cannot be stopped anymore has been initiated. It is going to be the most exciting journey a human being will undergo and experience, accompanied by an extreme array of emotions and feelings. The journey will send the person to the edges of suicide, wanting to give up life and hope, but it also sends them on the border of bliss and pure joy in order to explore uncharted territories of the universes, their soul and spirit. As matter of fact, most people are exactly waiting for this to happen in their lives; because the monotonous and mundane existence has outlived its excitement and is past its validation. Be reminded, though, that no external pressure will enforce this process into motion. This is and has to happen from the inside out, in order to feel the full impact of the breakout.

There is, however, assistance from the invisible realm of the universes. This assistance will unfortunately only be recognized if that person has fallen from grace, lost everything, and has no other choice than to obey to the laws of the ever so powerful universe. That will be the day of recognition in every sense and across the entire spectrum of existence. As soon as the process has begun, small, gentle and genuine nudges of pressure and messages will arrive in a person's life, in tiny increments, until all systems are again back in balance and harmony. The time it will take to get back into balance depends on the amount of toxic waste within the system, that needs to be eliminated and how severe the channels are blocked; the channels to reconnect to the endless source of energy that makes all life livable.

The urge and push will come from the invisible sphere, called spirit and/or soul. There will be hints, notes, signs and messages that enter into the life through the heart of the person. The body's systems will translate and transfer them to the mind, and for the physical process to be initiated and fully recognized. The mysteriousness of this process is that it seems to happen when least expected. The answers and the knowledge start to escape and come out of a space within, that has been locked and tightly sealed off for eons, because people have lived in manipulated circumstances for thousands of years, and have lost trust and believe in themselves. The time has come to lift the lid for good. The process and the urge that is presently happening, world wide and in each human being, is also correlated and in alignment with the earth's healing process to free itself from all damages done, and restrictions imposed onto the planet over eons of time.

However, in order to reach this beautiful state of true balance and bliss, all previously learned perceptions and ideas about life and oneself must first undergo a thorough evaluation and detoxification process. Depending on the level of urgency people will either be gently guided or forced to enter into their own private space. Once they in that sphere they must confront the issues presented to them and silently accept, and get used to the fact, that there is a higher order to things that oversees everything; it is the only and true life force, it assists in the growth process and in the constant development. It also takes care of the continuation process of life after physical death. It is a force, a law that is more potent and higher in its frequencies than anything known in the current common perception and perspective on this planet. Nothing can suppress the urge to grow and to expand and pursue the endless accumulation of knowledge and wisdom, at any given time. The isness that holds the universe together is presenting itself within and around the planet earth and therefore taking care of all living organisms, humanity included; through the energy grid lines. The support will never end, it continues forever and ever into the limitless and timeless space.

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