Getting the Most Out of the Hotel Hiring Process

By Zoe Connolly Co-Founder & Managing Director, Hospitality Spotlight | April 08, 2018

As an employer, the interview process is a critical piece of growing, supplementing or replenishing a team. While some hiring managers see it as a fun conversation and an exciting way to connect with people, others see it as a necessary evil that can't be avoided. For managers at properties who are looking to increase augment their teams, there are a number of steps they should take to get the most out of the time they're spending with candidates.

The steps below are meant to maximize the in-person hiring process.

  • Read the Resume

The average recruiter takes around six seconds to decide whether or not a resume is worth investigating further, according to an old study published by TheLadders. This incredible lack of diligence tends to trickle down to hiring managers, who spend slightly more time (assuming the candidate is lucky). Whether it's a phone screening call or the actual in-person interview, those in hiring roles should take the time to know a bit about who they are speaking with.

It's also a good practice to review the resume at each point of contact where a hiring manager will be interacting with a candidate. In cases where a few weeks pass between the phone interview and the in-person, most hiring managers can use a quick reminder of what the candidate has accomplished in his or her career.

To go an extra step, hiring managers should consider looking at the candidate's LinkedIn profile to see what types of content they are sharing and/or creating. This helps to get an even better idea of the candidate's history before speaking with them. It's important to remember that interviews work both ways; the candidate is also deciding if the role being offered is correct for them. A manager who (perhaps inadvertently) makes a candidate feel unimportant by seeming like they haven't taken the time to review the resume beforehand can alienate worthwhile potential employees.

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