6 Essential Electrical Solution Tips Every Hotelier Must Know

By Nancy Snyder Senior Manager of Hospitality Sales, Legrand North America | August 12, 2018

According to a September 2017 Legrand survey conducted online by Harris Poll, it's expected that there will be over five billion mobile phone users by 2019. With that in mind, hotel properties can no longer ignore the prevalence of mobile devices and need for connectivity. In fact, the survey also found that eighty-five percent of travelers bring their smartphones on leisure trips and eighty-eight percent bring the devices on business trips. This much is clear: Connectivity is no longer a convenience, but rather a necessity. Providing free WiFi is useless to the guests if there are no outlets or USBs to charge their devices.

Easy-to-access outlets and USB ports for charging and smart lighting controls are imperative for enhancing today's hotel spaces. Whether a hotel guest is spending time in her room, lounge, gym, lobby, or even outside, she's always seeking-and expecting-easy, efficient access to power and charging options.

Here, six tips every hotel decision maker should know when specifying and investing in electrical solutions for their properties:

1.    Keep Guest Power Preferences and Needs Top of Mind

Connectivity and power solutions around the hotel-especially within the guest room-should be plentiful and function properly. According to the survey, ninety-five percent of guests expect outlets and light switches to function well and be intuitive and easy to use. What's more is that eighty-three percent of guests find it frustrating when there isn't an outlet directly by their bed or nightstand to quickly charge their device especially when most guests use their phones as alarm clocks. Incorporating in-furniture power solutions throughout guest rooms, whether they're accessible in the headboard, side table or desk, can provide a quick way for guests to connect to power. 

It's also imperative to consider the variety of devices guests carry and the specific charging needs for each. Power access should be universal and flexible to accommodate any unique requirements. Ubiquitous USB ports-rather than traditional AC power outlets-can charge multiple devices at once, addressing all charging needs, saving space, and creating a cleaner look.

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