Blue Nano Solutions is Creating Smarter, and Verifiably Safer, Ecosystems

You Say You're Safe and Clean, but Can You Prove It?

USA, Dallas, Texas. November 12, 2020 and their real time environmental safety platform, COEUS, launches today to share the power of trust and confidence within the hospitality industry. Using the very latest science and technological innovation, Blue Nano has brought together top minds from a variety of industries to create a solution for safety and cleanliness. Now, your staff and guests have verified assurance that their indoor environments are as safe as possible. This certainty and confidence is the very cornerstone of customer relationships/trust.

Blue Nano is an end to end solution: from the knowledge of top industry leaders to the tools and procedures they developed, to the real time data analysis and insight and our proprietary user friendly IOT devices, your staff can use Blue Nano to create the verified assurance of the health and safety of the places we live, work, travel and play.

Blue Nano provides proof, not promises! It uses active scientific measurements of indoor surface, air, and water contamination that are taken and continuously integrated into Blue Nano's Environmental Safety platform named COEUS. Using proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning, COEUS compares and analyzes in real time all measurements against previous readings, similar surfaces and sanitation methods. This analysis is filtered through comparable industry standards and trends, as well as scientific protocols. The result is an instant validation and indication as to the health and safety of an environment.

COEUS's reporting functionality delivers previously unavailable intelligence and insight, empowering decision-making, enhancing ROI, and optimizing budgets and labor while increasing sales confidence. Blue Nano is leading their partners into the 4th industrial revolution with the integration of machine to machine learning, big data analysis and insight, in depth decision support, and IOT (smart enabled) control of environmental devices. This complete system is enhancing, optimizing, and automating the way we live.

Doug Carroll, CEO at Blue Nano, has spent his career leading boardrooms through the development and launch of new divisions and products at iconic companies like Apple, Disney and Dell. He says "I have never had such a diverse group of experts sync, innovate and iterate at speed and deliver an industry re-defining solution in such a short time frame." Asked recently if Blue Nano should be considered a disruptor, Carroll points out that there isn't anything to disrupt as the environmental safety and sanitation industries have been left out of the innovation world for decades. Our focus is to change the way people protect, measure, and verify the effectiveness of their safety and sanitation protocols which will ultimately create smarter, safer places where we live, work, travel and play.

Our clients are excited and reassured that some of the smartest data scientists, chemists, and microbiologists in the world are validating and providing the knowledge, tools, products and solutions to attain the safest ratings possible. Blue Nano is also a curator and creator of best of breed sanitation products and shares new applications and processes that help maintain smarter and safer levels much longer. The Blue Nano Shield, for example, is a long term protectant rated for 30+ days of continuous germ and virus killing protection. Now partners can clean less and maintain safer levels….verified.

"Blue Nano has had an immediate impact providing trust and confidence for our teams, guests and investors," said Christine Magrann, COO of Makeready. "With so many decisions being driven by data points, having the knowledge and insight of both air quality & surface contamination is extremely powerful, and the ability to share the story helps to reestablish trust that we are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety of everyone when possible."

Magrann continues: "Soon after Blue Nano fortified and began to provide verification at one of our signature properties, you could see an emanating sense of confidence from our team which had been missing during these trying times. We feel it will not only make them confident but optimize their efforts while providing a story for our sales & marketing leaders to share with clients as many are starving to hear anything besides how much additional cleaning we are doing. It's our feeling the ROI can be realized in a short amount of time due to the optimization in labor, products and decision making."

The first of its kind, Blue Nano Solutions is an environmental technology company creating smarter and verifiably safer ecosystems where we live, work, travel and play.

To schedule an interview or to learn more about Blue Nano's tools, tech, programs, and success, please contact Robbie Sawyer at [email protected]

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