Ashford and Inspire Announce Appointment of Christina St. Amant and Kalynn Hudson to Hospitality Sales Team

USA, Dallas, Texas. June 14, 2022

INSPIRE, a global event technology company owned by Ashford Inc. (NYSE American: AINC), today announced that Christina St. Amant and Kalynn Hudson have joined as Senior Vice President of Hospitality Sales and Vice President of Hospitality Sales, respectively.

In their new roles, Christina and Kalynn will lead business development for clients within the hospitality vertical. INSPIRE serves as the in-house technology partner for more than 100 of the finest hotels and convention centers in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Christina St. Amant, Senior Vice President of Hospitality Sales, joins the team with 25 years of industry experience. Prior to joining INSPIRE, Christina held leadership positions with Swank Audio Visuals and PSAV.

Kalynn Hudson, Vice President of Hospitality Sales, brings ten years of hospitality experience, including multiple executive positions at Remington Hotels.

"We are honored to welcome these proven leaders to our hospitality sales team," said Chuck Bauman, CEO of INSPIRE. "Christina and Kalynn are both extremely results-driven, and we look forward to the value they bring to our team, as they focus on growing our hospitality services and ensuring INSPIRE continues to provide best-in-class service to our hotel partners."

For more information on INSPIRE, please visit the website.


Business Contact:

Tanner Culbertson
Account Director
MCA Group
T: +1 620-213-2448
E: [email protected]

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