D-EDGE Reinforces Its Digital Marketing Offer to Hoteliers With The Acquisition of Equaero

France, Paris. November 08, 2022

D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions, a leading hospitality technology provider, announced that it has acquired Equaero - a recognised digital marketing agency also renowned for its technology. Based in Paris. Equaero is a multi-award winner* and Google Premier Partner. Its expertise encompasses digital advertising techniques such as Search, Display, and Social ads as well as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is also one of the few agencies of its kind to have developed an in-house state-of-the-art technology platform for campaign tracking and reporting, and tightened integration with key players in the Digital Media industry such as Google, Bing, Yahoo Japan etc.

The acquisition of Equaero, a long-standing partner, is an important step in the development of D-EDGE's Digital Marketing activities. As online sales continue to grow in the hotel industry, D-EDGE - through its Website Development and Digital Media offerings - is already helping hoteliers drive more traffic to their websites and convert this traffic into more direct bookings. By adding new capabilities and talents, D-EDGE completes its service offering - SEO to name just one - and provides hoteliers with an exhaustive, multi-channel Digital Marketing range of services. Equaero's expertise in digital strategy for very large accounts will also be an asset to further develop D-EDGE's offer to hotel chains.

"I am really thrilled to complete this deal. Our mission is to ensure that our customers have all the resources needed to optimise their digital distribution. As a leading CRS provider, D-EDGE is one of the few hotel tech players to offer a comprehensive range of solutions that includes digital marketing and website creation. This strategy has proven successful for our customers with more and more hotels and chains having adopted MediaGenius, the first hospitality multi-channel platform for digital media. By attaching unparalleled expertise in digital marketing, the acquisition of Equaero will accelerate our growth, allow us to serve more hoteliers and further expand our range of services." explains Pierre-Charles Grob, CEO of D-EDGE

Now a wholly owned subsidiary of D-EDGE, Equaero will maintain its organisational structure and activity under the leadership of its founder and CEO, Jean-Dominique Brivet, reporting to Pierre-Charles Grob.

Jean-Dominique Brivet comments: "Since its creation in 2004, Equaero has been working with the Digital Media team at D-EDGE** for a mutual benefit: the D-EDGE team grew their digital marketing culture and expertise while we developed our expertise in hospitality at Equaero. With this acquisition, D-EDGE has gained an in-house digital marketing agency with unparalleled online marketing expertise. "

* SEMY Award, Trophée la nuit des Rois.

**Editor's note: previously Availpro and Fastbooking.

From Left: Arnaud Vitte, CTO - Equaero , Pierre- Charles Grob, CEO- D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions, and Jean-Dominique Brivet, CEO - Equaero
D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions' acquisition of Equaero
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