Artotel Hotels Distribution Ecosystem Powered by D-EDGE

Singapore, Singapore City. May 09, 2023

ARTOTEL Group, the Indonesian-based hospitality company, rapidly strengthens its foothold in Indonesia. With the acquisition of the franchise of Kyriad, Dafam Hotel Management and recently Milestone Pacific Hotel Group (MPHG), Artotel has established a presence of over 100 hotels providing a wide spectrum of accommodation options.

ARTOTEL Group is focused on ensuring a seamless integration and effective management of the newly acquired properties. To do so, it has established an integrated ecosystem to power its distribution, called Hommy, that bridges connectivities to different systems.

D-EDGE's Central Reservations System (CRS) was selected as a key component of Hommy. It supports Artotel's rate strategy and allows a holistic reporting to precisely monitor hotels performance and make informed decisions. It includes the D-EDGE Smart Booking Engine and Smart Channel Manager, connected to Artotel PMS and preferred payment gateway.

"Our vision as a hotel group is to become a digital leader in the hospitality industry by leveraging the latest technologies to enhance the guest experience. We have chosen D-EDGE to support us in our journey. To expedite this transition, we are investing in cutting-edge solutions, one of them is D-EDGE which streamlines our operations and improves communication with our guests. We will also prioritize training and development for our employees to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to support our digital transformation. Our goal is to create a seamless and personalized guest journey that exceeds expectations and sets us apart from the competition. By embracing digital transformation, we will establish ourselves as a leader in the industry and position ourselves for continued growth and success." Said Eduard R. Pangkerego, Chief Operating Officer of ARTOTEL Group.

"We are thrilled to support ARTOTEL Group teams in their ambitious and visionary growth plan. D-EDGE CRS makes Hommy the powerhouse of ARTOTEL Group. Hotels joining the group are smoothly integrated into the ecosystem and can immediately enjoy the benefit of a streamlined distribution, resulting in increased revenue." said Emilie Couton, Managing Director, Asia Pacific of D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions.

Artotel Group
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About ARTOTEL Group

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