SIHOT and Hotelbird Launch Joint Digital Guest Tech Delivery

Leading Hotel Management System Collaboration With Digital Guest Journey Specialist Leads to Rapid Deployment of Digital Guest Technology

Germany, Saarland, Schiffweiler. July 28, 2023

SIHOT, a leading hotel modular management system, and Hotelbird, the German market leader of digital guest journey services, are collaborating to deliver premium digital guest journey technology and services to its global customer base.

Together, SIHOT and Hotelbird provide the core technology and data points for a seamless digital guest journey. Hotelbird's deep integration into SIHOT.PMS allows a high level of automation and configuration options including door locking systems compatible with an array of digital channels (such as keycards BLE, PIN/QR codes and online), and new payment methods to better meet guest demands and expectations.

The two technology providers work with a number of common customers including Achat, Brera, GSH Hotels Seminaris Hotels, and Motel One delivering digital guest experience technology. Their shared customers benefit from proven system integrations that deliver real-time data transfer driving efficiencies, improving payment facilities and enhancing guest experiences.

"Our collaboration on the digital guest journey means that hotels can enjoy a premium product together with the expertise to provide the best digital guest experience bespoke property's requirements," said Carsten Wernet, Chief Executive, SIHOT. "A great number of leading hotel brands rely on Hotelbird. Their customer service and training matches our values to support staff with easy and efficient onboarding. Hotelbird's wealth of experience truly benefits our hotel partners as we see our customers quickly evolve their digital guest delivery."

Hotelbird's and SIHOT's seamless integration and team collaboration reduces installation time of the digital guest journey by 50% with full employee training and configuration support.

"The last few years we've seen the hotel industry move quickly to implement digital guest solutions," said Juan Sanmiguel, CEO, Hotelbird. "It's great to collaborate with a long-term hotel technology partner to develop unified guest journeys for a global customer base. With SIHOT's modular system we can fully customise the digital experience to every property. A full digital guest journey is now within reach for many hotel managers."

The collaboration between Hotelbird and SIHOT has already achieved a number of successes in delivering digital guest experience technology to customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Björn Twardy, Head of IT, Brera Serviced Apartments said: "Our digital guest journey for the entire group was implemented within just two months from signing the contract, making full use of the SIHOT PMS to optimise the use of guest data. Already in the first few months we achieved 90% App check-in and eliminated our former manual processes completely. The combination of Hotelbird's expertise and digital guest technology with SIHOT's platform has proven to be a profitable partnership for our business."

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Juan Sanmiguel Hotelbirds CEO and Carsten Wernet SIHOT Chief Exec
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