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Hospitality Handbook 2023 - Haynes MarComs Shares Stories from Hoteliers for Hoteliers

United Kingdom, Bournemouth, Dorset. February 07, 2023

Haynes MarComs, a specialist B2B consultant and campaign delivery agency for the travel, hospitality and technology sectors has published the latest edition of its popular Hospitality Handbook - volume 2.

Tackling some of the biggest topics in travel and hospitality, the Hospitality Handbook 2023 compiles the thoughts of industry experts about how they use data and technology, operational challenges and opportunities for the year ahead.

Ryan Haynes, founder and MD of Haynes MarComs, said: "Cultural and business change has been at the heart of digitalisation strategies, and the focus is now shifting firmly back to the customer. We've gathered the most popular conversations with industry stalwarts on our Travel Market Life podcast, and thoughts from other leaders we've engaged with at events and in our day-to-day work, to provide insights that will help hoteliers as they head into 2023."

In the second edition of the agency's Hospitality Handbook, contributors from across the travel and hospitality industry provided their thoughts on today's hot topics, including:

  • How hotels choose their tech stack

  • eCommerce strategies for boosting revenue

  • Using data to foster loyalty

  • Understanding cloud computing

  • Easing the staff crisis with technology

With input from a wide spectrum of industry professionals, the Hospitality Handbook from Haynes MarComs features the likes of:

  • Suzie Thompson, VP of Commercial, Red Carnation Hotels

  • Fernando Vives, Chief Commercial Officer of NH Hotel Group

  • Liutauras Vaitkevicius, Managing Director, Zetter Hotels

  • Amanda Du, Head of eCommerce, Penta Hotels

  • Paolo Dona, CIO, StayCity

  • Vibhu Gaind, CEO of RBH Management

  • Simon Bullingham, CEO of Journey Hospitality

  • Mona Faraj, Managing Director, HSMAI for the Middle East

Haynes added: "The industry provided such an enthusiastic response to our first Hospitality Handbook, we wanted to continue our quest to provide a meaningful connection between hoteliers, suppliers and others within the wider hospitality ecosystem. The industry remains at its best when we share intelligence and ideas, and I'm delighted the Hospitality Handbook has given a voice to some of the stickier challenges hoteliers face."

The second edition of the Hospitality Handbook from Haynes MarComs can be downloaded at

Travel Market Life podcast interviews a source of this free insights handbook for hoteliers looking at digitalisation and tech strategies
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