Five Branding Tips to Make your Hotel Stand Out from the Crowd

By Jennifer Nagy President, jlnpr | January 01, 2012

As consumers, we encounter brands every single day, on TV, in person, online and even while buying our morning latte (or in my case, a triple venti non-fat, bone dry cappuccino). But while we do encounter many brands day-in and day-out, most people aren’t actively aware of it. However with each brand encounter, we register our thoughts, feelings and impressions of that company’s brand, which shapes how we feel about the company and, often, the company’s product.

Prominent brands, like Apple, Nike, Super 8, the Ritz Carlton, etc. have all been very successful at communicating their brand to consumers but these success stories didn’t just happen overnight. They happened because of carefully planned out strategies that developed over time… a lot of time. It took hard work, attention to detail and most importantly, consistency to turn their visions into reality.

So how can you learn from these highly successful brands to create a visible, recognizable brand for your property?

Follow these steps to create and implement your own brand identity. Keep in mind that it isn’t necessary to start from scratch; even if you already have the basics of your brand finalized, use these tips to hone and improve your current brand in order to make 2012 your most successful year to date.

Figure out who you are

Before beginning any branding activities, it is important to figure out what image you are trying to project for your property. Are you selling yourself as a budget property, appealing to customers who are looking for the best rate rather than luxury or a long list of amenities? Or are you a luxury property, offering high-end service and a top-of-the-line experience?

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