Spa Trend Predictions for 2006

By Gayle Bulls Dixon Owner/Founder, Breathe Spa Management Company | February 13, 2010

We still see a great deal of confusion from hotel owner/operators that view the spa as simply one of the amenities, such as restaurant, pool or fitness center. However, when you look at the leaders in the hotel industry, such as W, who bought the Bliss Spa Company and brand, you see that they are embracing the real benefit that the right spa brings to a property.

Spa companies that are just beginning to create a brand are behind the curve. In order to be strong enough to meet the market demand that is present today, the spa brand company that will be successful should be experiencing the changes of a 3-year or older company. Anyone newer will be struggling with the solidification of the operational model that will insure profitability for the owner while managing the brand development and growth that the marketplace will be demanding.

Many spa owners will want to look for a spa brand company as their operational expert to support the ever increasing needs associated with the challenges of remaining competitive in this new environment. Look for a consolidation of spa brands in order to establish standards that consumers trust as they make their choices of spa locations. With the support of a brand company, an owner is also supported with marketing, collateral, treatment design, staff hiring/training, and efficiency of budgets while purchasing required products, etc., all expensive and critical components of having a successful, profitable spa.

What awaits the ever-more-savvy spa connoisseur in 2006 and beyond?

The number of spas in the U.S. has topped 12,000, with spas offering a dizzying variety of services that address everything from weight loss to stress relief to skin revitalization and more. Looking ahead, we believe that spas will become more focused - rather than offering a little bit of everything, spa operators are going to specialize and become expert at the services they offer, whether it's Ayurveda or male specific treatments or whatever. With the number of spas only continuing to grow, spas are going to specialize and consolidate in order to survive.

And diversify they will! Watch for these very interesting developments in the year(s) ahead.

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