New Mobile Technologies and Networking Capabilities Can Help Enhance the Guest Experience

By Tom Moore Retail and Hospitality Industry Lead , Zebra Technologies | June 09, 2013

As hospitality professionals look at their technology strategies, they must focus on four key factors: operational efficiencies, discretion, flexibility and seamless connectivity. Communication solutions, such as advanced two-way radio technology, must address all four factors to enable personalized, highly-responsive customer service. In addition, a secure, reliable, application-aware wireless network allows employees to be more efficient and productive in managing client transactions, such as checking hotel guests in at the curb, expediting valet parking and placing food orders immediately.

Wi-Fi wireless networks and staff communication solutions can improve the effectiveness of your staff. They work together to create a cohesive solution that truly transforms the way your staff works.

Wi-Fi Wireless Networks

A secure and reliable Wi-Fi network is the backbone of your hotel's infrastructure. Guests today are bringing an average of 2-3 mobile devices with them to their hotel rooms. That demand can strain hotels' wireless networking capabilities, potentially interrupting your staff's ability to be efficient while using Wi-Fi communications devices, which can diminish the guest's experience. The hotel's wireless local area network, or WLAN, is a method of providing a wireless communication network over a limited distance to a number of devices. WLAN can also provide wireless Internet access, also known as Wi-Fi. The hotel's WLAN and Wi-Fi have to provide a great guest experience, while ensuring hotel operational efficiency and high-quality, reliable staff communications.

Hoteliers should evaluate their WLAN to determine if it is meeting the current demands and needs of their guests and staff today and in the near future. Consider the following:

  • Are there any dead spots or Wi-Fi coverage issues that hinder your staff's ability to use Wi-Fi enabled devices or voice-over WLAN for communications?
  • Are guests complaining about performance issues in general or in specific areas?
  • Is there an outdoor area of the hotel that needs a better Wi-Fi coverage, e.g. outdoor lounge or pool side?
  • Is the staff soon to be equipped with more mobile applications as tools to serve guests?
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