New Age Leadership: Conservative Head to Toe Management

By Michael Koethner Wellness & Healing Consultant, Spa Transition | June 07, 2015

"I suppose Leadership at one time meant muscles, but today it means getting along with People."
- Gandhi.

Taken Gandhi's quote into consideration, if you happen to work in a company where your boss and/or leadership don't know you, and you don't know them, then you may as well forget about working for or with them at all, because what he said many years ago has even more of a value in today's work environment than during his time. The era of self-proclaimed titles and positions accompanied by an extraordinary, aristocratic narcissistic lifestyle on the expense of others, has had its time.

With the new paradigm shift in full swing, the ego of these entities and companies received a concussion, with a huge psychological, physiological and philosophical trauma to be dealt with, and the outcome to be determined. Their ego is still breathing, making a noise here and there, their bodies still swinging around like puppets on a string, but actually, it is a Knockout. In the last round of this showcase, the heart and the universal energy has won. Now is time to clean up the mess these people and their systems have left behind. It has been a fairy tale all along without any substance, but most have believed in the fairytale. A system created by the ego has forced them into the false believe that they were superior to everyone and could ignore everything else outside of them, until the day the universe said, enough is enough. The power of love and compassion is now in charge and brings back the pendulum that has swung too far on one side, to the yang side.

The Chinese philosophy of the yin and yang principle is the best example to remind everyone of the fact that everything has an inert tendency towards balance. There is the universal law that ensures that life is in constant balance and if left alone peacefully, everything will be taken care of itself. The great mystics knew about this law and respected it with dignity, honesty, integrity and love for eons. There was a time on the planet where everything was in balance, until the ego thought it could take over, and be in charge; this however was a fatal undertaking with a disastrous outcome.

As humanity is now right in the middle of a never seen before paradigm shift, the cleanup of the mess left behind by the workings of the ego driven generation, due to its relentless pursuit of power, money, materialism and control seems to be never ending. For all who have shown disrespect of this law, for the ones who have thrown out all values for the sake of position, power, money and other means of control, it is indeed the end, and there is no return.

Please be aware that everyone is indeed living in times of great, monstrous change and adjustments, but not only us humans undergo such dramatic change, also the environment, all plants and animals are affected by this; pretty much everything. Nothing can stop it. Our bodies have changed to a never seen before evolved stage; and are still changing. Our senses have become so fine-tuned and sensitive that the truth of the matter is recognized and revealed instantly or at least within days or weeks.

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