Journey to Excellence: Creating Standards for Your Hotel Employees

By Stephen Hall Founder, Brandworks Distribution LLC | September 13, 2015

The definition of excellence is "consistently meeting right standards." The definition contains the inseparable union of quality and ethics. Aristotle suggests that there are three legs on the stool of excellence. They are ETHOS, LOGOS and PATHOS. Ethos refers to standards and logos refers we "right" standards. Pathos refers to the passion which we must have to ensure consistency. In the previous issue we discussed ethics. In this issue we will discuss the ways in which standards are created. As we begin however one point is absolutely crucial to our discussion.

The Standards Must be in Writing

Traditionally hoteliers have been reluctant to put standards in writing but there are four reasons why it is absolutely essential.

  • Written standards minimize ambiguity. When we have to put items in written
    form we tend to express more care in providing a clear and understandable
  • One of the biggest obstacles to consistently meet standards is that of
    turnover. Traditionally turnover has been extremely high in the hospitality
    industry which means that training is a major element in consistency.
    Written standards ensure that all employees are taught the same level of
    standards we demand.
  • Standards must undergo periodic fine-tuning. As excellence inculcates our
    organization we will be consistently raising our standards to new levels. In
    written form standards are easily disseminated and reviewable.
  • When a standard is not met re: what was intended versus what was executed
    the error must be absolutely clear. This is particularly helpful when
    dealing with unions.

Putting standards in writing is easily accomplished with today's popular word processing programs. It is done department by department. Let us now move on to the formation standards.

How to Set Standards

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