Synchronicities: When the Impossible of the Possible May Look Like a Miracle

By Michael Koethner Wellness & Healing Consultant, Spa Transition | October 04, 2015

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act – George Orwell"

We are living in profoundly extraordinary times and in order to get the most out of it, everyone must fully and completely step aside and leave the constraining and very limiting realms of mundane and irresponsible thinking, behavior and systems, which society has created for itself. People are coming to terms with the painful truth that they have given away all sacred and inherent knowledge and wisdom for the sake of a fake and restrictive safety net that in fact does not exist. Anyone who still has the guts, the conscience, the stamina and the will to see through this insane matrix, ought to remove all the blockages and hindrances from previous programming, and let the synchronicities of past deeds play itself out right in front of their eyes, in order to, and finally, start the healing process. There is no-thing and/or no person bad, nor is there any good outcome in a sense of obeying and complying with standards that no longer serve anyone.

All exist together in unison; and honestly speaking, it is time to clean and disinfect the bowels of the insanely inflated body of something, because the so-called safety net has gone mouldy, and it is about to rot and disintegrate into Nano pieces, and will save no one from the fall of grace.

The view on the current dilemma we are all facing is synchronicity playing itself out in every industry and department. As humanity is now living in a world of the multi-dimensional space, with the time factor taken out of the equation, every thought eventuates itself in an instant. Only a few years back people thought that whatever they do would not matter in their lifetime, so they got away with lots of cheating, mistreatment of ethics and human relationships, as well as inappropriate business practices that has caused entire economic zones to break down and fall apart.

The law of the Dao is now showing everyone that the irresponsible and psychotic behavior that is coming back to haunt them, relentlessly. It presents itself as a somewhat accidental synchronicity, with an awkward stench as a reminder to everyone, and it makes some people think twice about their future actions and thoughts.

As we are all moving into and through a process of healing and much more spiritual awareness, the repercussions of any such primitive mindset has fatal outcomes. However, to understand the world we live in, we all need to clean up the incredible mess that some generations have created, then re-think, re-evaluate and let the re-wiring within us happening. Meaning, if a person or a company nowadays intends to create a valuable service and/or product, they have to be extremely conscious and considerate in the creation process, because anything that is not in full alignment with its entirety backfires immediately, sometimes with an unfavorable outcome, and the law of the Dao will sure show its true mask.

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