5 Successful Tips on Managing Millennials in Your Hotel Workforce

By Rocco Bova General Manager, Chable' Resort & SPA | October 14, 2018

About 10 years ago I was working in India for the opening of a luxury hotel in New Delhi. It was then when I had my first share of this new, incredible generation.

I began studying everything I could on the subject, analyzing and comparing data available with real life examples, as they were to be the main source of labor for the hotel. And to my surprise, it was all correct… Millennials are really amazing people, only if you know how to handle them.

My research helped me in many ways to understand this so called 'new generation''. In reality this is exactly what I (Generation X) wanted to be 10 years earlier. So in fact, I created them.

Remember the days of the first mobile phones?? Big, bulky, heavy, with few and simple functions and short battery life. Well the answer to that and our wish was, small, light, with several functions and long battery life, because this is what we (Gen X), wanted. We wanted to be mobile, to work away from the desk, do more tasks in less time and thanks to the technology that we developed. It all happened!

I am not sure it makes sense to the readers, but it did to me at the time and still continues to. I have been reading and teaching my Millennial staff since, and frankly, all these wrong myths about them are, in many aspects, unfounded.

I don't agree they are difficult, I don't agree they want too much too fast and I don't agree they don't know what they want. What I do see, it's me, when I was their age, only with 100 times more resources (technology) at 100 times the speed.

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Guest Service: A Culture of YES

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