Condo Hotel Amenity Programs

By Casey Olsen Owner, Spa Sources | June 15, 2010

If the concept of building a condo-hotel is new to your future or if you if you are in the planning stages of a new project, paying special attention to your amenity package will set you apart in this arena. When I meet with developers regarding their new condo hotel, I am often initially surprised at how little regard is paid to their planned health spa facility, which they realize they must include, but often dedicate little budget and ingenuity to. Basically, you are building a hotel, and the mind set should be from a luxury resort perspective.

When a developer vacations at their favorite resort, there is an expectation of service, accommodations, ambiance and amenities. Certainly, having a dynamic spa facility and services is considered to be one of the top three requirements within the luxury resort community, and no high end property would be with out one. If your new project does include a spa facility, there are numerous directions that you may take, however, I suggest always, seek spa industry professionals to aid you from the initial design to the training and opening of your spa new facility.

Condo hotels are no longer an emerging market, but the wave well in to the future. Bigger, more luxurious and dramatic complexes are planned, so the focus today on design longevity and forecasting where your amenities are headed in the future will ensure that your project will compete with newer future developments. You can make this happen by enlisting that professional that can clearly assist in creating the "newest and most innovative" facility that will stand the test of time.

No different than having that chef assist in the design of your kitchens and restaurants, the health spa facility has a myriad of nuances that are relatively unrecognized by most condo hotel developers. One crucial initial error is made in determining the size of the spa. Most developers wish to relegate the spa facility to just a simple locker room, showers, maybe a sauna and a couple of treatment rooms. They are completely unaware of the hotel guest room ratio to the size of the spa facility. Certainly, we understand that if you are going to market your property noting that you have a spa and then your guests and owners are unable to use the spa because of its' size and incapability to accommodate your guests, believe me, you will be ripping out rooms and adding to that space.

Another aspect that many condo hotel developers are not aware of is the amount of revenues that can be generated out of a spa facility. Treatment rooms are the number one source of revenues realized from a spa and if you want to have your spa be a substantial revenue contributor, the design of that facility must include ENOUGH treatment room space to generate this income and, as important, accommodate the volume of guests that will wish to utilize this amenity.

Today's traveler is extremely spa savvy. They have been to the best spas and experienced what a successful spa is and is not. What is not generally known is that no matter if you have Carerra marble on the floors and dramatic water falls, if your menu of services is weak and your staff is not trained to deliver the utmost in service, your spa will become a true thorn in your side. So, when considering this space, view it as you would a luxury resort property. Once again, bring that professional on board and allow them to assist in the intricate design requirements, the creation of new and innovative menu of services, the marketing and promotion of the spa facility, the expert recruiting of the staff and their training, the creation of the operation and budgeting, the procurement of the facilities' products and equipment and the grand opening process and beyond.

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