The Art of Successful Spa Retail

By Jane Segerberg Founder & President, Segerberg Spa Consulting, LLC | July 21, 2013

Having you recently directed the Spa Department to increase the spa's bottom line revenue? Would you like to have the spa's experience and reminders of the experience continue when your guests leave the spa and your property?

At any point in the spa's lifespan from the development stage to planning to management and operations; spa retail offers a great opportunity to add bottom line income to the spa's financial forecast. According to the International Spa Association, retail is reported to represent as much as 20% to 30% of the spa's overall revenue in a good portion of spa's surveyed. Spa retail is an integral part of the spa's business and successful spas view it as such.

More often than we would like, the spa's plans are already in place when we are called in to the project whether it be new development or a renovation. Usually the spa's retail has not been considered as it relates to guest visibility, guest flow and the spa's overall concept. Knowing the value retail brings to the spa, we manipulate the spaces and move walls to optimize retail as much as possible. A second scenario occurs during an operations critique which clearly illustrates that retail could flourish if retail and the spa's program concept are better aligned. Additionally, staff needs training on the method of educating the guest about the features and benefits of specific products.

The bottom line for spa retail is that it will increase the overall business and the spa's bottom line with careful attention to development, planning and operations. Following are brief points on the art of successful spa retail.

Value to the Spa

Spa retail markets the spa and its services long after the visit takes place. Products and items purchased for self use or gifts broadcast the intent and ambiance of the spa. The spa's retail is an extension of the spa brand when it is in sync with the sp's concept and philosophy. Guest loyalty increases as the spa becomes the best and most reliable source for products. Guests know that the spa has their best interest in mind as it recognizes their ongoing needs.

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