Spas Which Look Beyond the Body and Engage the Mind with Soul-Inspiring Transformations

By Mark Grenoble President, Enchantment Group | July 24, 2016

One of the big shifts in the spa and wellness movement that I have seen over the past few years is in the mindset of the spa-goer. What used to be a singular spa experience to relax the body, release tension in the muscles, and perhaps elevate one's physical appearance, has now transgressed into something deeper.

The spa experience is beginning to look beyond the physical body and instead, engage the mind. Spa-goers are seeking transformation focused not on changing who you are, but creating a more perfect version of yourself.

Part of the rapidly rising trend of experiential travel, spas are no longer just an added bonus to a vacation, they are the destination. Guests who travel to Mii amo aren't just looking to leave feeling refreshed and physically enriched, but instead depart with a lifestyle adjustment and augmentation that they can take home with them. The goal isn't to transform guests, but to guide them through a transformative experience.

Here at Mii amo, we offer much more than your typical massage and facial; we are a destination spa steeped in our surrounding Native American culture and offering our guests not only an experiential trip, but an inspirational one. We have award-winning therapists from all around the world that create an uplifting energy that leaves guests not only refreshed and renewed, but inspired and charismatic about an ongoing transformation that brings out the best in themselves.

In my opinion, there are four key pillars that define a mind-engaging and soul-inspiring spa experience. By creating a memorable journey, offering a sense of place, making mindfulness the key, and lastly, creating inspiration, we can offer spa-goers an experience that goes far beyond a physical change, to engage the mind and help them become the best version of themselves.

Take Guests on a Journey

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