Clearbrook Hospitality Appoints Ric Olsen as President

USA, Nashville, Tennessee. July 11, 2019

Clearbrook Hospitality, LLC - a subsidiary of Clearbrook Holdings, Inc. has named entertainment industry veteran, Ric Olsen as President. The Clearbrook Hospitality group consists of multiple Nashville based initiatives including entertainment venues, consumer experience events, transportation services, group sales and live music. As President of Clearbrook Hospitality, Olsen will oversee all Operations, Marketing & Sales and Logistics. The company is based in Nashville.

Olsen joined Clearbrook Hospitality in September 2018 as Senior Project Manager and was quickly promoted to the position of Director of Operations. In May, 2019, he was named President. In his new position Olsen will be responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company by working with the Chairman and other management to establish long term goals, plans and policies. He will direct and evaluate the organization's fiscal function and performance, encourage business investment, oversee all operations and act as the face of the company when dealing with all local businesses, government agencies and vendors. He will also develop new staffing.

From 1995 to early 2018 Olsen worked for Gibson Brands, formally known as Gibson Guitar Corp. Upon his leaving the company he was Head of Brand Protection, Intellectual Property Enforcement and Investigations. During his tenure at Gibson Brands, Olsen held various other positions including Director Loss Prevention and Security.

"We are thrilled to have Ric on board at Clearbrook Hospitality. He brings a wealth of disciplines to the company in this position and through his leadership we are looking forward to incredible growth across the hospitality division. His unique understanding and experience of the various aspects of operations and logistics will be of great benefit to the company as we continue to grow and launch new ventures" - Mike Shmerling, Chairman & CEO, Clearbrook Holdings Corporation.

Throughout his career Olsen has also entertained thousands as a musician, producer and songwriter. He is well known within the industry for his on-stage presence as the original guitarist for the award-winning 80's band Berlin.

He is also a past Board President for Your Heart on Art, Inc. and past Board President for Cheatham County Community Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee.

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