Yvonne van der Klaauw Named General Manager of Pulitzer Amsterdam

Netherlands, Amsterdam. October 07, 2019

The award-winning Pulitzer Amsterdam is pleased to announce the appointment of Yvonne van der Klaauw to the position of General Manager, effective October 1st.

In her new role, van der Klaauw will be responsible for overseeing and executing operations for the 225-room hotel, where she will manage all property operations including staff hiring and training, guest satisfaction, community relations, and revenue generation. Previously the hotel's Director of Business Development, van der Klaauw successfully rebranded and repositioned Pulitzer Amsterdam as the go-to design hotel in Amsterdam after the property's complete redesign in 2016.

"Pulitzer Amsterdam has long been part of my DNA, and I can't think of a better hotel to be the General Manager of. The special people who work and stay there, the rich history on the Amsterdam canals, and the beautiful design make this hotel truly unique. What I am looking forward to most is building on the relationships with our guests and the city itself to let everyone experience the Pulitzer feeling in this way," said van der Klaauw.

Born and raised in the north of the Netherlands, van der Klaauw has worked for several hotels worldwide. She began her hospitality career in Paris, working at the Prince de Galles hotel for six years as the property's Guest & Public Relations Manager and Sales Manager. Later moving from Paris to Belgium, she took on the role of Sales Manager and Assistant Director of Sales for the Sheraton Brussels. Upon returning back home to the Netherlands, van der Klaauw opened the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport as Director of Sales and eventually grew into the role of Area Director of Sales & Marketing of Starwood The Netherlands.

In 2015, Yvonne took the bold decision to leave her position at Starwood to become Director of Business Development at Pulitzer Amsterdam.

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