New Recruits International and Shoreline Hospitality Join Forces in a New Partnership

Germany, Hamburg. November 04, 2021

New Recruits International, hospitality recruiter from the BVI and Shoreline Hospitality, hospitality consultants from Germany join forces in a new partnership.

Both have been working together on previous assignments when still with their former companies, so there has been a natural understanding of each other's core competencies.

New Recruits International is looking after recruitment for the hospitality but also the construction sector with a focus on projects in the Caribbean. Shoreline Hospitality offers consulting services with a focus on leisure hotels & resorts in the Caribbean but also other remote destinations.

As consulting & recruitment really go hand in hand, either one was faced with the task to look for services that were outside their scope of expertise hence the idea of working closer together on future projects.

About New Recruits International

New Recruits International, headed by Sarah New, was established with the desire to do things differently. Our belief is that any talent search should be defined by integrity, collaboration, passion, quality, and discretion.

These attributes are the core values of our business. For the past ten years, we have been providing our services to over 30 countries from 13 strategic locations in the Caribbean and worldwide.

We believe that the key to achieving the best results, is working closely with our clients building long-term meaningful relationships. With full knowledge of their DNA and an understanding of the specific needs, we can provide you with the highest level of service and secure the right talent. Recruitment is a collaborative and timely process, that when managed with flexibility and passion, the best possible results are achieved. Our team invests significant time to understand your business, culture, and requirements, offering a bespoke approach.

For more information, please visit or contact us via [email protected].


About Shoreline Hospitality

About New Recruits International

Business Contact:

David Nuenemann
Founder & Managing Partner
Shoreline Hospitality
T: +49 403-486-9738
E: [email protected]

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