Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Introduces Newly Appointed General Manager Sean Mosher

Canada, Toronto, Ontario. November 24, 2022

From the sandy beaches of Samui to the verdant greens of Chiang Mai, Sean Mosher moves within the Resorts of Thailand collection to take over as General Manager of Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, in a picturesque coastal fishing town, Sean has always had a fondness for nature and the outdoors - two things he feels are key to making a destination. Arriving now in the tropical haven that is Chiang Mai, he is sure to feel at home.

Starting out with a diploma in hospitality services from his hometown alma mater, Sean began his career with the Delta Barrington Hotel in Halifax, before moving to Vancouver with the Pan Pacific Hotel there. It was in Vancouver that he first entered the Four Seasons fold in 2002, starting out as Communications Supervisor before moving to the company's founding city of Toronto. Of his subsequent first job posting abroad, he muses, "I didn't plan to be in England for six years, but it was the most important phase of my career," referring to his time with Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire.

From England to Langkawi in Malaysia and then Bali at Sayan, Sean's passion for resorts quickly solidified his expertise as a hospitality specialist, having helmed every aspect of the business. As Resort Manager at these two island properties, Sean had an immediate impact, setting him up for further success.

Moving to Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui was an easy transition for Sean, and in his first role as General Manager, he was instrumental at leading his teams through the highs of pre-covid 2019, and also the long trough and recovery over the past two and a half years. Now as Thailand re-emerges as the Land of Smiles once again, he is excited about this new opportunity ahead of him in the storied northern region of the country.

"These are legacy resorts - destinations in themselves," he gushes. "Chiang Mai is the cultural heartland of the Thai people, and Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is nestled amid it, a sanctuary of wellbeing among the emerald greens of Mae Rim Valley. The Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai is where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet - in this magical place sits Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, an off-the-grid haven of mountain trails and bamboo jungles where one can explore and unwind in tented luxury." He continues, "To be able to showcase this rich heritage to Four Seasons guests from all over the world is a tremendous opportunity, and I believe we have just the team to excel at it."

Having grown up on the east coast of Canada, his tryst with nature and the great outdoors was always going to be a love affair. "It's not just me," smiles Sean. "My children have grown up here in Asia, and they are just as thrilled to be here as are my wife and me with their new surroundings." Embracing the warm welcoming vibe in Asia, the family has made Thailand their home over the past four years. It is this experience of Thailand that he strives to bring to Four Seasons guests who visit here. "Meaningful and genuine connections with the people and the land are what make for a real holiday destination," says Sean, "And that is the ethos I believe Four Seasons represents."

With just over two decades into his career with Four Seasons, Sean looks back with much pride. Both in terms of assignments handled, as well as regions on the global map, he believes it is a continuing indoctrination that is his greatest motivation. "Hospitality as an industry has to constantly keep up with the times," he shares, "And as a result, our learning as hoteliers also must keep pace. There's always room for improvement and for new ideas, and it is in this aspect that a general manager leads the way."

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