Autocamp Selects IDeaS G3 RMS to Increase Efficiency and Scalability Through The Power of Automation

Revenue Management to Streamline Operations and Position Autocamp for Rapid Growth

USA, Minneapolis, Minnesota. April 13, 2023

IDeaS, a SAS company, the world's leading provider of hospitality revenue management software and services, announced today that Santa Barbara-based outdoor boutique lodging company AutoCamp will use G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) across all properties in its two-brand portfolio, which includes AutoCamp and Field Station, to generate automated pricing decisions and provide actionable insights.

Looking to remove tedious, manual steps from the revenue management process, AutoCamp turned to an automated RMS because it is unhindered by the restrictions of a rules-based revenue management tool. The group will leverage automated RMS to ensure its long-term growth and streamline efficiency.

· Centralized revenue management - Before onboarding IDeaS, the AutoCamp sales team relied on several tools to approach group business opportunities with reliable prices. IDeaS consolidates on-the-books business, forecasted business, current BAR rates, and other critical data into one centralized location.

· Scalability for a fast-growing company - Given its ambitious plans for growth, AutoCamp selected G3 RMS to help scale operations and automate yield decisions. ." Autocamp agreed that deploying forecast-based pricing decisions AND minimum length of stay controls would help them stop leaving money on the table. The implementation will increase the capability of each department to manage data effectively as it adds new properties to its portfolio.

· Greater efficiency and ease of use - By removing manual processes and consolidating crucial information so it could be easily accessed across departments, G3 RMS helped AutoCamp team members quickly attend to revenue management tasks, freeing up bandwidth to focus on other high-priority responsibilities.

Vinny Cuneo, vice president of sales and revenue strategy, AutoCamp and Field Station, said: "The onboarding process with IDeaS is fantastic. A key element in our selection process was IDeaS' world-class customer success and implementation teams. We know we can reach out to the company should any issue arise and be assured the response will be managed quickly and efficiently. Its overall client success team is a big part of why we switched to IDeaS."

Garth Peterson, area vice president of sales, IDeaS, said: "Our proven revenue management system supports greater efficiency to help hospitality leaders increase their competitive edge and scale their businesses efficiently. Our team looks forward to working with AutoCamp and helping it attain top-level product yield based on unique local market conditions."


About IDeaS - A SAS Company

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Kim Dearborn
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T: +1 909-455-4316
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