Driving Spa Revenue Using a Mobile Application

By Tom O'Rourke President & CEO, O'Rourke Hospitality | December 30, 2012

As the world of mobile applications continues to grow, it's important for hoteliers to remember that this channel can be utilized not only for your hotel but also for the amenities at your location. Drive downloads of your mobile app by providing your guests with conveniences and tools that will enhance their stay. A hotel mobile app that features spa information certainly enhances the guest experience, but also has potential to drive revenue through push notifications and mobile reservations.

The spa in your hotel is a great place to utilize mobile technology. As fellow hotel executive writer, Peter Anderson, said: "Spas have become one of the main financial drivers of the resort environment, helping build occupancy, drive rate and enhance yield." Utilizing the new mobile medium in this vital area of your property is a great way to exceed guest expectations and drive additional revenue.

If a guest is going to spend money at your hotel and spa, it's your job to create the most enriching experience possible for them. This might seem obvious, but as technology improves many hotels are being left behind due to their unwillingness to evolve. Many hoteliers see new technology as an unnecessary expense or a fad that will pass, however implementing mobile technology now should be viewed as an investment into the future of your property.

The first step to making a mobile application work for your spa is to get a hotel mobile application. For reference about the mobile landscape and revenue generating ideas please view my previous Hotel Executive Articles.

Goal - Increase Spa Revenue Through Reservations

Most spas sell their treatments on a first-come, first-served basis, which isn't always ideal for optimum revenue generation. Reservations are preferable because they make it possible for you to adequately staff and supply your spa. Additionally, knowing an individual will be visiting the spa gives you an opportunity to form a relationship with them, and traditionally, those with advance reservations are less likely to cancel.

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Guest Service: A Culture of YES

In a recent global consumers report, 97% of the participants said that customer service is a major factor in their loyalty to a brand, and 76% said they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. And since there is no industry more reliant on customer satisfaction than the hotel industry, managers must be unrelenting in their determination to hire, train and empower the very best people, and to create a culture of exceptional customer service within their organization. Of course, this begins with hiring the right people. There are people who are naturally service-oriented; people who are warm, empathetic, enthusiastic, pleasant, thoughtful and optimistic; people who take pride in their ability to solve problems for the hotel guests they are serving. Then, those same employees must be empowered to solve problems using their own judgment, without having to track down a manager to do it. This is how seamless problem solving and conflict resolution are achieved in guest service. This willingness to empower employees is part of creating a Culture of Yes within an organization.  The goal is to create an environment in which everyone is striving to say “Yes”, rather than figuring out ways to say, “No”. It is essential that this attitude be instilled in all frontline, customer-facing, employees. Finally, in order to ensure that the hotel can generate a consistent level of performance across a wide variety of situations, management must also put in place well-defined systems and standards, and then educate their employees about them. Every employee must be aware of and responsible for every standard that applies in their department. The April issue of the Hotel Business Review will document what some leading hotels are doing to cultivate and manage guest satisfaction in their operations.