Payroll in the Age of the Affordable Care Act

By David Hogan Executive Director of Major Accounts, Heartland Payment Systems | December 08, 2013

Co-authored by Tony Ventre, Product Marketing Director, Hospitality Solutions, Heartland Payment Systems

If it seems that new payroll regulations are being instituted almost on a yearly basis, you are right. However, no regulation has had a more significant impact on an already complex system than the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA, signed into law in 2010, changed the healthcare system as Americans know it. However, the law is also affecting payroll processing and pushing hoteliers and other industries toward an absolute need to outsource their functions to an expert payroll provider. By entrusting your payroll to an expert, hoteliers can be sure they will maintain employee satisfaction and expectations, receive efficient and accurate processing, and most importantly, completely comply with current and future regulations.

Why Outsource?

Entrusting the payroll process to an outside payroll provider has many benefits for a business, especially in the hotel industry. It is simply not feasible for a small, independent or even a multi-unit hotelier to handle the numerous human resources functions all on their own. For example, the complexities involved in handling multiple locations, part-time and full-time workers, some who may be on work visas or in different states make outsourcing payroll the only viable option for some hoteliers - even without the added regulations brought on by the ACA. With a centralized payroll provider, managing different tax codes and tax compliance issues are simplified. More importantly, the payroll professionals must stay proficient in all federal, state and local tax compliance changes.

As the ACA is probably the biggest payroll regulation for businesses preparing for 2014, the link between overall human resources functions and payroll is critical. While some provisions of the law are set, others are still somewhat in flux as the United States Congress seeks to enact some changes. Hoteliers are simply not equipped to have a full understanding of this uncertain and overly complex environment and will need to entrust the services of an outsourced payroll provider.

Employer Responsibilities

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