Be a Master of Conversation

By Dave Ratner Motivational Speaker/CEO, Dave's Soda & Pet City | June 07, 2015

The occasion may not be auspicious – the cause of freedom need not rise or fall on what you say – but that does not mean you should race through and mangle your words, or lower your head and speak in a whisper, as if your delivery is the rhetorical equivalent of saying, "I gave at the office," a quick dismissal so you can sit down and have a drink.

Be respectful, always, but learn the difference between public speaking, which many people consider a horrible fate, and a conversation... where men and women would like to hear you share a story about something funny or interesting that you enjoy telling.

I write these words from experience – I also speak these words (and more), in public, whenever I can – in a variety of venues, including a great many hotels nationwide.

And, throughout this second career as a public speaker, in my travels to cities large and small, in banquet halls and convention centers, I have some advice about conquering the fear described above: Be. Yourself.

I come bearing the truth rather than a pouch filled with magic and a repertoire of secrets. Indeed, the reason so many people have so much anxiety about public speaking is because we too often confuse a speech ("The Speech") with the art of conversation.

The latter is the smooth, polished or practiced delivery of stories; the stuff your friends and family know, and the bits that make people laugh and nod in agreement, and finally, applaud with enthusiasm.

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