The Grand Opening Ceremony

The Invisible Forces of True Alignment Coming from the Heart

By Michael Koethner Wellness & Healing Consultant, Spa Transition | August 30, 2015

A Grand Opening of a hotel and/or wellness enterprise ought to be something very exciting and beneficial for everyone involved. It should reflect a strong sense of worldliness, creativity with an architectural and interior design touch of complete alignment, effective and well-thought planning, efficient and structured organization, a sense of familiarity and a feeling of having arrived home. It is through the alignment and the inclusiveness of all parts, where the whole presents itself, and thrives in total harmony, peace and abundance with everything the endless universe has to offer.

When going for a therapy and experiencing the process of cleansing and opening all channels of the human body, such as the very powerful Meridian Lines and Points, the chakras and the most obvious one's the lymphatic system, it most likely will erupt in an undesired fashion, leaving the client in some pain, discomfort or agony for some time. But at some point in life a deep detoxification and cleansing process is a must, if the desire for life is still a given. This cleansing process is visible on earth through earthquakes, volcano eruptions, harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures etc. This process eventually forces itself into every particle of life on this planet, and humans, companies, business, systems and other structures are not exempt from it.

Most of humanity is now very well aware of the fact that everything starts with a thought in combination with a strong feeling. An incredible powerful chain reaction of biochemical nano explosions are to follow, which sets a desire to create something extraordinary, for all to benefit from in motion. The feedback received from others and from the environment, in the form of unseen, but clearly felt, balance, peace, calmness, support and compassion is a mirror image and confirmation of being on the right or wrong track. Anything created and/or done for the sole purpose of hoarding is counterproductive, programmed for its own demise. Right now, the circumstances and situations in regard to any business, personal and professional relationship, groups of people, societies and cultures presented with an energy that forces its rotten core to regurgitate itself on the most deepest and intimate level. It will leave nothing unturned.

Any resistance will come back with an even harder punch right on the most painful spot, digging even deeper into the wound to make sure that the message has been received and is understood. Words cannot describe enough, and emphasize on this powerful event, which is currently taking place around the world. It cannot be neglected or pushed aside any longer, and the time has come to assimilate what is happening right now into the conscience of the human psyche.

This energy has already made itself comfortable in every person, and is in the process to prepare everyone for the grand opening ceremony that is taking place soon. First, it is going to collect, absorb all rotten parts, bacteria and viruses, sweeping through the channels, links, pipes and networks of the entire human body, sucking it up like a vacuum cleaner. It will then encapsulate everything and enforces the elimination process, which will be the equivalent to a massive volcano eruption. It will create a state of shock and awe that will paralyze the entity, the psyche and the body for the duration of the process, in order to protect the soul and spirit. It is similar to a total system upgrade from a greedy, primitive caveman mentality and behavior to a very sophisticated, loveable, highly knowledgeable and emphatic entity, fitted, dressed, equipped and groomed with the new thriving energy, so it can sustain and present itself in the new sphere of this planet.

The pendulum has swung too far on one side and the scales of balance are so out of balance it is not funny anymore. There is an urgent need to restore homeostasis on every cellular level of each individual as well as in the world economical environment. The conditions at the work place, in many industry sectors, are horrendous and insane, to say the least. The pressure at work is artificially created and rising, and it has only one purpose, that is, to protect inoperable, invaluable, incomplete, incompatible and outdated systems and structures, that are trash from bygone times of the agricultural and industrial revolution. Living amongst, and dealing with these trash systems pushes people to the breaking point of life. They involuntarily forced to do things they no longer can identify with, and want to live with. Therefore, more and more people find themselves in absurd situations, trying to escape their bosses who still behave like dying emperors who have not understood that the times are a changing.

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Guest Service: A Culture of YES

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