Co-Founder and CEO, Reza Ghassemi Leaves RevPAC

Renowned management guru set to start new enterprise

. October 14, 2008

BALTIMORE, MD, August 22, 2006. One of the most respected names in the third party hotel management arena, Reza Ghassemi, has left RevPAC Hotel Management. During his tenure with RevPAC, Ghassemi took the company from the concept phase to maturity, helping the organization sign deals to manage more than 20 properties in the east coast United States.

Ghassemi is parting with RevPAC Hotel Management over fundamental differences in operating philosophies with his partners. Ghassemi declined to comment on details of his disagreement since his separation agreement with RevPAC remains unresolved.

"We have agreed to disagree and I do not see anything wrong with that. I will remain friends with RevPAC's senior management," said Ghassemi. "I will be launching my own company imminently where I can utilize my decades of industry experience and extremely talented resources to assist new and experienced hotel owners as well as institutional investors to lower risks and maximize the profitability of their hotel assets."

The new company will not only focus on delivering superior full service management representation but also concentrate on the weakest profit center for most hotel properties: Food & Beverage. Ghassemi's new organization will relieve owners of the pressures associated with operating in a sector where they are not fully experienced, which opens the doors to profit erosion.

Reza Ghassemi not only has the resources to effectively manage food and beverage operations of medium to large size hotels, he is also an expert in F&B management.

As CEO of RevPAC, Ghassemi and his team successfully repositioned dozens of hotel assets, helping owners reach the true profit potential for their properties.

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